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  • You're very welcome.^^ What on earth compelled them to do that? XD Your idea was better lol. And thanks for the luck.:3
    *pokes cheek* XD Wish I could actually help~ That actually sounds like a handy improvement. :) What did the others want to do? I'm just trying to find any source of income, so I can be done being stuck like this. I know, its a vortex. DX
    Eh, I've read much more boring and confusing stuff. XD Lol, I would've helped you with yours. XD Whats your practical improved product? :3 I'm not sure if is like the program one or not. XD I'm used to reading near-thousand page books, so no prob! ^_^ I'm doing ok, kinda in a deep rutt without a job.:( So, I'm thinking of utilizing the one true exit to this hole: the military. And no, not 1.5. :C Can't really afford games atm.
    Thank you! ^_^ Sounds like they need more teamwork skillz. XD What are you doing in said groups? :3
    Yep, it has! *hug* ^^ Seems like your pretty busy! I myself haven't had any luck with anything lately, and no 3DS either. :( I need money, and there are hardly any jobs available here. :/
    Brand new, it's a sequel to A Link to the Past. It'll take place in the same game world, but new puzzles and story. It's top-down like the old ones, but the 3D adds a sense of depth. :3 It comes out this Holiday season, so I need a 3DS before then. xD
    xD! When he does that, you know he got it all figured out and just have to reveal it to the world via Kingdom Hearts 3 or whatever. :p

    Me either, lol. Yeah, I agree. :3
    Maybe so. xD You never know with Nomura.

    I agree; usually when it gets wild, some suggestive things happen, you know?
    ^^ I wish you luck on midterms and finals! :D Life's treating me ok, a new Zelda was announced for 3DS, and now I desperately need one. xD
    Yeah, he did say that in one of the Ulitimatia interviews.

    One I would so go to! xD I love parties, but not when it gets too wild. xDD

    Okay! :3 That will be great!
    It's ok. xD How have you been? :3 ------ You're welcome. ^^ That's good! ------ Yep, its averagine 60s and 70s
    Yeah, I might as well take the chance to do so. :)

    I actually like that idea.. Square Enix/ Disney, get on this ASAP!!! xD

    Lol, yep.. I'll be busy as well with my stuff. :D

    Really? Hm, I would love to join again, but I don't think there is any class around here anymore. :/ Lol, it'll be useful in LA! xD
    You're welcome, Leen!! :D

    I hope I do move there soon! xD There's some pretty ladies out there waiting for me.. xP

    Yep, I agree; I do wonder what King Mickey has been doing during KH1 to KH2.. We never found out much about it except for some info, but that's it. Hopefully, a game of him, even it's like Days.

    I always do Beginner Mode on every KH games since it's my first time or just to relearn all the controls and the story. :) Well, it's fall, but maybe there's an chance of Summer for it. You know know.

    Lol, yup. xD Oh, I took Taekwondo. The art of kicking, lol. I took some small classes as I told you earlier and I got some of it memorized. :)
    That sounded so awesome!! :D

    Yeah, it's nice, but the town where I live is medium but not much to do beside Walmart, Library, movie theater.. -__- LA has cool stuff to do; I wish I could move there!! D:

    King Mickey rules!! :D He was so badass when he whipped off his black cloak and summoned his Dark Kingdom Key Key-blade! There need to be more moments like that in KH3 and more. :3

    Yeah, there is one or two: Complete Kingdom Hearts Final Mix in under 15 hours and Complete Kingdom Hearts with only the Kingdom Key. O__O

    Lol, me too!! :D Probably so since I learned how to use martial arts back when I was little. I remember some moves, but I was only an beginner at the time.. Prices was too much just for me to join. :/
    Hiii! ^^ *big hug* Aww, sorry to hear that you keep getting sick. :( And thats ok, I understand. ^^ When you're busy, you're busy. ------ I've been doing ok, glad nice weather is finally here. :D
    It's ok. I'm finally back! ^^ I've been gone a while too. :3 Thanks for the cookie! :D *noms* I hope you are feeling well. --- I look forward to battling you! ^^ --- That's Twilight Princess all right! :D Yeah, Skyward Sword is awesome too. :3 You should play it sometime!
    Ah, I live in Arkansas close to the Missouri state line. So, I'm golden. ;3

    Really? I think so, too. But Xaldin was harder, if you ask me.

    Well, the old series had no trophies to deal with, so I could just focus on the story. But now with KH1.5 on its way, it'll be a while to complete it all.

    Well, who knows? Maybe an real life Abstergo is working on it.. :O Lol, who knows? Oh, that would be neat to see everything was like back in the past!
    Well, actually, I have Naive American Indian blood in me, so If I had the Animus, I would probably go back to the time where Cherokee Indians ruled.. Who knows, maybe one of them became an Assassin. xD
    Aw, it's okay. :( I'm just glad you're little better enough to log on KHI.

    Yeah, Sora is really powerful in KH2 and it was enough to defeat Xemnas. :)

    Well, I am in the end of Terra's Story in BBS and is currently melding some commands for abilities and some other stuff. I'll do the same for Ven and Aqua.. Once that's over with, I'll finally move on to KH1 then Re:COM, 358/2 Days, KH2, Re:Coded, and D.D.D.

    That's neat. :3 Hey.. maybe you could create the Animus from Assassin's Creed? (you would require a great deal of skills and knowledgeable to do it, but I think you can do it.) That would be incredible!
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