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  • Another hiatus~ XD That sounds like fun! My brother loves Supernatural. I keep having to tell him not to spoil me about it, in case I ever get to watch it. He has Netflix up at his dad's. I hate being poor :'( With me, I've been doing a whole lot if nothing. I'm running out of stuff to do, with no job or money. :( We MAY be able to get a Wii U from a friend of ours who doesn't want his. But that's a maybe. Lately my hopes about anything have been rather low...
    Pretty much, most of the story sorta cancels itself out. XD ------ It was really fun! ------ XD no I haven't cosplayed,.I dunno how well that would work out exactly.------ I'm doing fine, sorry for the hiatus. Have I missed anything? :3
    I got X. I'm still trying to get Y and 1.5. I need a new SD card for my funds, but they sell out quick. They're also expensive...
    Yeah. XD But it does have the chance of being more connected cutscene-wise than Days.------ I've played those too. ^^ As well as Zelda: Majora's Mask, Yoshis Story, Super Smash Bros., and Pokemon... Stadium I think it was? ------ I think it is partially because of the disc drives, they don't last as long as the old cartridges. Plus systems nowadays are more focused on all the things the console can do without worrying about how long it lasts. :/ Sometimes I wonder if it would be possible to make cartridge games with a modern system. Surely with todays technology, a chip in a cartridge could hold a lot of space? ------ Sounds interesting.:3 I'll see if I can find it online somewhere.------ Oh, that's cool! :D ------ Haha, what else have you cosplayed as? ------- Yeah, simple and easy, without worrying about lots of people. XD I usually don't eat much for the week before. My belly anticipates the foooooood! XD So, how are you today? :)
    XD Well its a pretty decent game overall, the gameplay is pretty awesome, but the story is kinda.... ehh. Not really bad, just not up to par with the other installments. ------ Yep, it is! I've had mine ever since it came out, my first games for it were Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64. They still run great. Can't say the same for my Wii though.:/ ------ I've heard of that. Is it really that good? :3 I see you've also watched the Iron Giant, I loved that movie. ^_^ ------ Oh, nice! :D lol, both of the times I've seen you cosplay you had part of your face covered. XD; ------ My Halloween was ok, didn't really do anything of note. Kinda just sat around watching scary movies and eating candy. XD I'm much more looking forward to Thanksgiving, cuz I like food. X3
    You're alive!!!! :D *hug* I missed you! ;u; Recoded is pretty fun. ^^ Yeah, the 64 rocks! I'm glad it still works after all this time. XD I hope I can find SOMETHING to watch lol. How was your Halloween?
    I haven't watched Digimon in ages, so I'm not sure lol. Oh he is? That's cool.:3 The last game I got on release was Re:coded.:( I'm stuck playing old ps2, n64, and DS games (not large collections for any) while everyone else is enjoying 1.5, Pokemon X/Y, Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, or Final Fantasy XIV. I don't even have tv to check out the shows everyone is talking about.... ._. I feel awful.
    Hopefully I can someday! :) Pretty much that. With my luck I won't be able to get them till after 3 is released.:(
    Lucky! May I haz some? :3 Yeah, I guess it is like Digimon lol. XD And alas, I can't see the trailer cuz my phone hates me.:(
    It was?? XD if you ever feel like it, dont be shy.^^ You never know until you try! Ok, so Mega Evolution is a new thing where certain pokemon can change form temporarily in battle. It boosts stats, and sometimes changes type. Charizard and Mewtwo have 2 Mega forms, exclusive to each game. His Y one is more stat based, while his X one is more drastically different in appearance and changes to Fire/Dragon.
    So I do.:3 Mmmm cookies do sound good. XD well thanks.^_^ I'm usually not very confident about stuff lol. Yeah, I hope so! I will be getting Y, cuz it seems most people want X because of Mega Charizard X XD
    Yeah, its been an ok weekend. The autumn weather is finally starting to kick in. I love the fall.^^ And Pokemon X and Y news has me constantly occupied. XD Not a whole lot of Mew guys compared to past gens, but I like their designs.
    Oh. XD I meant this sight lol, but if I can I will try posting there too. If you want to see a few of my attempts at poetry, go to the Poetry Is... thread here on the forums.:3
    That would be fantastic! :D Maybe someday. Is write stuff for the site, but my internet sucks, and I can't seperate paragraphs. DX Yeah, I have a few ideas floating around, just gotta work out the kinks. :) Oh, cool! Do you have anything I could read, perhaps?
    No problem at all, compliments are what I do! :3 I'm looking. Also writing. Writing novels is a dream of mine, so maybe it'll be my lucky break~
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