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Ip Man
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  • Are you bi-winning?

    ... Wait, why the fuck am I asking that? I already know you're bi-winning.
    Those are no where near the kind of horns like the trolls in this [see girl in my sig] nor the skin of them.
    We gotta get Chris Nolan in here, and make a movie for your epicness. Of course, whether or not the general public will be able to even begin to mentally grasp the sheer epicness of that is a totally different matter.

    The point is that it'd immediately become the greatest film of all time.
    Vampires don't have horns or grey skin or yellow eyes.

    And you could just give me a photo. I forget what everyone looks like...
    Thanks lol, I got ac3 codec, I gave up for a little while, I use windows media, or divx video player for my media players
    Hey so I kinda need help on one thing... what do you use for a media player? I downloaded the 2.22 from Thoranime, however it said the audio wouldn't synch up, so I downloaded a codec and now it just skips the same noise for about five minutes then goes onto the next sound for a bit then starts to repeat the same 1 or 2 second section again.
    Oh I see XD sorry. I was the post right before you, so I thought it was directed at me.
    Hi I think there has been a misunderstanding D:

    I wasnt trying to say that at all, all I said was that if you hate KH than you shouldnt go talk badly about it in the KH section. I wasnt trying to sound like you shouldnt be on the site at all, cause I understand what you mean, I just didnt want to give a bad impression to someone who I dont really know on the site.
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