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  • Hey maybe if you actually make part of your squad mission to gather/put in information for the wikia it will attract more or members with specific abilities in information formatting.
    UPDATE!: I have joined the site you told me about in the PM you sent me, K.My username there is Zexion.See you there, K.
    I got your PM.I think I'll join over there, I'll use my username if it isn't taken but if it is, I'll use Zexion if that one isn't taken(I think I may use it instead of Marluxia), And for the new, well, let's call it an "it"(so only you and I will know what I'm talking about) I'll use Zexion in it too.Well, I got two "its" to juggle now.<3 P.S: I'm sorry to have worried you K, I have been busy playing the new games I got for Christmas.I beat some of them, and I decided it was time to return after such a long absence.I'll see you "over there" K.
    Well, no one has picked up my order.It's practically a ghost town in their store(in other words no Templar Knight members checking it).
    I saw what you posted in the Inferno after I left.You asking me what did Geppetto say.Well, you remember me saying that he said to collect 100 pieces of wood? I think I need to because he said I need to get that much wood to make a bridge so I can get over to an entrance and enter it in order to get Monstro to open his mouth.He also said that he destroyed the old bridge because there were Heartless over that way.So I believe I need to get this wood and make the bridge to get where he told me to go.And yes, the entrance he told me is where he told me to go.
    We need to do that thing with the Screwdrivers next time we're both on.

    Mostly because I'm too engulfed in MHFU to think numbers atm @_@
    I think I'll just wait until I have my own computer to do this, that way I can have privacy to myself when I'm online.Yeah, my moms nosey and looks over my shoulder every time she walks by when I'm on her computer.And I would prefer doing this anyway.
    Oh, lols.I always thought it was an ability you get in the Inferno.I WILL get this when I have my own computer, but until then I have to say no on Aim for now, since this is my moms computer I'm using and I refuse to download things on it, you understand don't you? But once I have a computer of my own, I'll download this on it.
    I've decided to wait and draw the members of the Organization of Shadows when all of the members have appeared.Two have appeared already, and if the description of the Organization of Shadows is correct in the Inferno wiki, then ten members are left to appear.By the way, how do I get aim? Since you have told me to get it and that it would get your attention as well.I suspect you get it it from Hercules since he asks for some essences.
    what do you mean with informal event?
    but it was something that any player could have done? or only some kind of players?
    Okay, I've decided.Count me...........wait for it.........IN!!!!! It will be an honor to be in your squad, K my friend.Where do I go to make it official, your squad thread or the Inferno? I don't know how well I will do in your squad but I will try my best.
    Is that your Inferno team? Have I met all the conditions to even join? I mean I'm not at a very high level, sure I've reached Craon but haven't beaten him still, and I wasn't on the Inferno for a little over a week just recently(because we had company stay over for six days and still didn't get on for a few days after they left, only now I am getting back on).Are you sure you want me in the team? Because I've never been in a squad before.Oh yeah, before I forget, tell Wynn I am NOT a pink flower gardener, hahaha.I'll let you know if I want to join or not shortly.
    If that roughly translates to him joining us and abandoning his squad, I don't see why not .-.

    It's not like there would be a difference if a merger happened. So yeah, it's a yes from me.

    // This doesn't imply that I would be in favor with a merger. Just a few people is fine for me.
    The random letters was a test to see if the lag was over >.>

    Light Essences thing was spell training, actually.
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