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  • Yeah you should try it :D

    I could link you to my photobucket but most of those tags ARE suck, but then again I just said it didnt matter lol
    The story is epic though. It is really captivating it realistic, like it really could have happened but it was wiped from the history books. Besides, I have learned more from this game than I have from any Social Studies class haha

    They don't HAVE to be great lol That is what art is all about, self expression and fun. That's how I got into Graphic Design, I loved how you could take a plain looking photo and put all this magic around it :D
    Yes it is! But it depends on what type of gamer you are :( It's very military based and historical. The gameplay is really fun and the story is engaging.

    I didn't know you draw :D
    Yeah, like right now I'm just listening to music and playing Peace Walker :D

    So, what're you doing?
    Yeah, I honestly have no reason to. I faked being sick and I lied to my mom :( I hate it, but no school so yay!
    I envy you lol That sounds so fun compared to what I did.

    Yeah, I got 3 new games for my PSP. I didn't want my parents to spend alot so that is all I asked for.
    Ginnie! Merry Christmas to you too

    My day was good, just chilled with my parents and watched movies. It was nice. How was yours?
    Merry Christmas Kat. I hope your holidays is great. We so gotta kick it because I know yu in town.
    My favorite scene? Hmmm, I can't decide the movie just had too many good scenes! :D
    I'm so happy I'm finally on Winter Break plus Christmas is in 5 or 4 days?" :DDD
    -explodes of happiness-
    Lol but you're used to it ok, it is usually hot and sunny in florida lol

    but 15 degrees is really cold lol
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