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  • Yeah, well that's why I want to become a Moderator. It's something different to change their name to "Asshole" if they were genuinly bullying another member. But just to mess with them to pass time? Just retire, dammit.
    Nope. All I know is that they enjoy screwing with me. I could PM a Moderator to fix it, but I can't even send PMs. So I can't even enlist in The Batman's help.
    I can't replace it. I hate losing progress. The Moderator will change it back, just once he/she gets tired of fucking with me.
    Some Moderator took 800 of my posts and now I can only post and send Visitor Messages. Nothing else.
    She is actually very nice, she was just saying that I talked creepy because of what I said, we're actually friends.
    I love your signature. Bo Burnam forever! Although I don't think that it is allowed because of the expletive know as fuck.
    Thanks...but pictures aren't definitely from those years for some of them...but it was rushed...thanks anyways...
    The fans of KHII in general arent going to re buy a game which is 90% the same. Only the better fans would. Thats the reason, NA does not buy re releases. Japan does. Look at Re Chain of Memories for instance and how badly that game flopped.
    I understand why it isn't actually. Releasing it here would of been a horrible business decision.
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