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    Is it really that tall? I never feel that tall when I stand next to people.
    hmm.. Let me think. At 5'2 the top of your head would be just below my shoulder most likely.
    You're welcome :)

    Any interests outside of KH?
    Everyone says it because it's true :p
    5 ft 2? That is short. I'm betting you'll probably grow too 5 ft 5, maybe 5 ft 6. BTW, I'm 6 ft 4.

    You shouldn't be, High school isn't really bad at all. Freshman year is easy, very easy. Only bad thing is that people try and show off through out it -_-
    You're going to be a 13 year old freshman? That is pretty young, you look a bit older than 13 in your picture though. More like 15 or 16.
    For me, I'm going to be a senior, I'm 17. One of the youngest people in my class.

    Are you nervous about your first day?
    Of course it worked. My information is always reliable ^ ^

    It says on you profile that you're 13 0.0 Are you in 8th or 9th grade?
    I just started 10th grade! I'm pretty young to im only like 14.

    By the way I gotta leave :/ I'll talk to you later?

    (im gonna make you a ventus tag because you are so awesome and cool!) <--- that is like an honor right thur, i kid lol but ima make you one was a gift
    Oh, yeah. I watched everyones story from beginning to end . :/ I hate being spoiled. Ah, well.

    So what grade are you in?
    Just put a period after a word and then press down on the space bar. But make sure the spaces come before the period. (I'll provide an example)
    She'll be glad :)
    The first one is also my favorite. I heard that BBS is better, but I can't play it until next year though :(
    Unfortunately, I spoiledl myself to hell lol I know like everything :/ I wish I hadn't though. I don't wanna ask but how much did you spoil yourself?

    That's cool. Ven is cool and all but my absolute favorite is Terra.

    He is teh buffest keyblade wielder EVAH! Have you spoiled yourself at all with BBS?
    You make KHI sound like a jungle XD Actually, it kinda is XD
    Yeah, YoYo is really nice <3 I'm happy that I know her :) She's never boring, just really busy.
    You're welcome ^ ^

    Do you have a favorite KH game?

    There is a way around the 25 character limit.
    Exploring? XD You should introduce yourself in the foyer, it's a good way to make friends on here. You should also introduce yourself too a member named AxelYoYo :) She's the kindest person on KHI <3
    In that case, welcome to KHI.

    So, I assume you play KH and stuff.
    I totally agree. The only music people here listen to are Lil Wayne' and other rappers I don't like. I'm glad that people like Kid Cudi and B.O.B. are starting to come out with their own musical style and show others what REAL music is.

    lol sorry for my mini rant I just hate how bad music is starting to get :/
    I've heard that song before! "Cus ur amazing! Just the way you are!"

    His voice is very interesting. I'm diggin' it/
    0.0 You visited my page. Hello, are you new here?
    Omg u are officially the coolest girl I have ever met LOL we have like everything in common

    I've loved Kid Cudi for years man, his music is about so much more. I've only heard Bruno Mars in nothing on you with B.o.B. but since you like him I will check him out.
    I'm the same way. I'll listen to anything as long as it is great. Mainly rap though. The good rap not the one all about money drugs and beetchez. Like B.O.B. and Kid Cudi. Their stuff is amazing. I'm just getting into B.O.B.

    What bands/artists do you like?
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