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  • Yeah, I honestly don't mind having things run for ages. But they HAVE to hold my interest. I like a good conclusion, but I'm always sad when it's over.
    I'll be eagerly awaiting the day we can play Virtual Reality remakes of KH ;3
    I love Fullmetal Alchemist and Soul Eater. They're my absolute favorites.
    They ran long enough for me to be happy, too. Of course I want more, but I'm happy that they ended as well. It shows foresight on the author's part, in my mind.
    Naruto an Bleach are good (never got into One Piece) but it shows that, like Nomura and KH, their authors just...can't let go.
    I really enjoy the manga! But as much as I love Naruto and Bleach, I just want them to END.
    All good things must come to an end...right?
    I see, it's all in one. owo

    It is when you read it and not miss the listening word in there. xD
    IM? I thought skype was a video thing? I had to go through all kinds of trouble with emails thanks to MSN. Dx

    Oh it's music! I thought you meant like actual handwork art. xD
    My agenda? Try to catch up on FairyTail while listening to my music, play a bit more Megaman ZXA and then hopefully get my internet to load the newest RWBy episode before bed. xD
    That's exactly what it is! All the kid needs is something that draws their interest. Most things don't hold it long but everyone has that one thing that entraps them, find that and it's no longer a problem.
    Don't even get me going on that. I don't have it myself but I have a rather big disdain for it because it's basically just a parents excuse to drug their kids so they don't have to deal with finding a way for them to burn all that extra energy. =_= If people don't want to bother they shouldn't have the kid.
    Psssssh Doc's say ADHD, I say just a person with more energy than they know what to do with~ xD
    Uh, Glenda is of the North. Evanora is of the East. Theodora is of the West, if you go by The Great and Powerful Oz that is. I've heard that Wicked has a different name for West.
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