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  • Haha. Um, it was Jeff M. Stusac I think. o.o Well, him and Oblivion_Key get on my nerves. Jeff was just annoying in that one thread and Oblivion_Key was almost as bad as Demyx_Forever was. D: In this one thread.
    True. I try to be nice when I'm talking to people on here. XD; Except this one time where this new guy kept posting smileys in his post, I just got fed up and kept being sarcastic/snippy in my posts.
    XD The first time I ever play a game I just want to get through it and don't level much. After the second time I spend a whole lot of time leveling. XD I still have trouble with Xally, though, I usually bet him on the first try. Xiggy, I figured out that you run when he tries to make you dance. XD

    I haven't read it yet, but it's on my to read list so I shall!
    XD I guess it's like opinions. Everyone has varying degrees of difficulty with certain bosses.

    Hehe, are you gonna put it in a fic? If you do I want to seeeeeeee.
    *munches duck*
    He actually never did kill me. I'm good at boss fights...cept boss fights including spears or guns.
    XD Demyx would be the type to poke Zexy when he's reading. It'd be cute.
    I know because I saw a post of hers on another thread and she had red rep. Course, that might have been from some of her other posts because she has a tenacity to piss people off. D:
    Kairi is...bleh. They should kill off Kairi and give us Namine <3. Donald...I was in the middle of an effing sweet combo and Donald ruined it...damn bird-brain bastard. >=( Haha, Demyx fight made me giggle. A lot of people say his sayings are annoying, and that he's a whimp for yelping, but I think it's cute. XD I <3 Zexy. He's Sexy and badass. I love manipulative people. <33333
    XD I fangasm over any character that moves and doesn't do something that continually pisses me off. Though Xaldin and Xigbar pissed me off when they continuously raped me during battle, but I suppose I can forgive them since they're badass. Marly is just better suited being male.
    The argument started off good, except it lead into you constantly having to repeat yourself. That's when it started to turn into spam. D: Because she simply was not getting it.
    XD I guess she doesn't like the girl/gay stereotypes Marly has. I don't really think he's gay, but it's fun to make him that way. He's more of a badass metrosexual that has pink hair and sakura petals coming out of his ass and still retains every sense of manliness despite everything.

    I say them a lot, but I only remember them when the situation calls for it. Grandpa is a little too wise sometimes. XD
    Yeah, I can understand her stickin gup for him. I can't understand her stunned-ness, though. I mean, I'm a Marly fan, but I find it effing hilarious that he was originally female.

    The Beath a dead horse idiom is my favorite. I used it too much, though, and Grandpa said "You're beating a dead horse about the dead horse." XD
    D: I know. There's nowhere that's interesting to post anymore and all the other threads are ones that should have been closed a while ago.
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