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  • So it's me again. About the timeline translation.

    Day 353 on the "Sora and co." side.

    Are you sure this is supposed to link up to Namine, making it "her"? Because Xion didn't go to Namine to tell her goodbye, she came there to disappear. Also, she didn't actually get to Namine until 3 Days later as stated in the timeline as well.
    On the other hand, we have Riku - to whom Xion did indeed say goodbye.

    Input please. o,o
    Thank you.
    And, sure, you can go ahead and translate the others, just to have the whole set.
    I was thinking of putting them as a part of one of the new BBS sections, probably not on their own. I dunno if I'd link to the separate updates of C/P. I'd have to think about that.
    Could you compile the links to your Message from the Kingdom Updates and send them to me? Those will go on the new revamp, too. Thanks.
    Mhmm. I've decided to do a "Media" section in the Days section. So, thanks. :D
    Hey, Lissar. Would you rather have your Days Mangas up by the Days section, or with the Multimedia?
    wait when u finish translating the new vjump scans tomorrow, can you tell me if i got the translations right? i worked like half an hour on the little i did >~> wee i hope to get faster some day~~~
    congrats on your 28 page thread, i havent been here that long but its still really cool to see a thread going so strong. :) it was a great find too.
    Just wanted to thank you so much for translating FFXIII episode zero on your blog. I am enjoying this story more and more :)
    Uh. More translation issue. Or rather terminology. This time about the "Staff secret". Talking to you since you're... online.

    Ryo Inakura. What he's talking about should be two Gigabits, not Gigabytes.
    Figured it was something like that. It does make sense it took a bit longer than less than a week, but... in light of how soon it took them to reach the first casualty and where that first casualty was... yey, contradiction/plot hole?
    Not surprising, I have to say. They rushed so much about the game's plot in those parts, maybe they just forgot that was one detail that slipped up. Grrr.
    I have to wonder though what was left of Sora's Memory to change o_O
    Well, I guess that they had His Memories of Kairi all to their selves :I for Xion, however she relates to it. Better play on and see, huh.
    Nice going, Nomura.
    I'll start off by saying I'm just finishing Day 79, so
    1) it's about something until then
    2) don't mention anything beyond that, please :I that means no Riku/Namine/Diz/Etc storyline.
    At Day 26, you had it as Sora's memory alteration proceeds.
    I'd say it already finished.
    Day 26 is when we find out about the first casualty of Castle Oblivion. The first casualty is Vexen. Vexen is Twilight Town. Twilight Town is Sora all but forgot everything and anything about his past life save for whichever parts of Riku Namine might've let him keep as part of Sora's Memories with Namine that include Riku.
    That's why I believe Xion could look like Kairi, let alone wield the Keyblade - she had enough of Sora's Memories in her to look the part and have a strong enough relation to the Keyblade to wield.
    If the Ultimania said he went to the pod at Day 49, then that's when it happened, but... o_O it sounds really odd to me that it took him that long to get from the TLTW floor to the end of the game.
    Just wanted to point it out since at this point in time when I played up to when I did, it seriously irks me.

    Also, about Day 51.
    The Organization receives information that the group at Castle Oblivion has been wiped out.

    It's not that the Organization received information, it's that Roxas finally woke up and received that information o.o;;; again, if that's what the Ultimania said, so be it, but having just played through those parts to see that Roxas was unconscious up to then, it doesn't add up to me.
    I mean, if Sora going to sleep is what got him to wake up, then
    1) it still happened a couple of Days after Sora went to sleep
    2) how come Roxas was awake and operational up to that point?

    I know. I still need to play. But at this point in time - Day 79 - those parts of the timeline REALLY confused me.
    A simple "it adds up" would suffice if that's the case - I don't wanna be spoiled any more than I already have about this game.
    Hello, good member of the site staff.
    Who do I talk to about the Days timeline translated from the ultimania?
    You made a mistake in your translation. It's actually Ohana Beat, not Flower Beat. Ohana means family, and is a famous phrase for Stitch.
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