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  • You shouldn't get lost at all since its episodic. ;] Though the order in which the stories happen is different between the two.
    Both, and art..That's my major.

    Also What's your fave FF. Mine is X, X,-2, IX, IX, and Crystal Chronicles for Gamecube.

    Also you a TWEWY Shiki fan?
    Have you seen any episodes of Sword Art Online? It made me realize I'm more of a dope than I thought when it comes to the sweet romancy stuff, plus there's pretty good action!

    Lol, don't feel too bad, I'm the exact same way, Like I said, I've been trying to get into Naruto, but I've been trying for a couple years, xP 'Tis the problem with watching anime online, I have waaaay too many choices, and way too short an attention span.
    Also I like Aqua, Xion, Namine, Ven, and Xigbar.

    Yep He's cool. Oh my voice acting teacher is Neil Kaplin Tobi's voice actor.
    That's awesome, KHi is definitely an awesome place to find people to talk to, I've been a member for years and made some really awesome friends.

    Well, digimon if that counts, as you might've noticed xP But aside from that I really like Fairy Tail and Sword Art Online right now. And Deathnote is good for drama and complex stories. I've been trying to get into Naruto, but I haven't watched much yet. Studio Ghibli makes awesome films though. I take it your more into the actiony anime then?
    Thanks hope you like it. =D
    Also a bit of heads up, the anime isn't as long as the manga but it's just as good.
    Well for KH is Sora and Kairi, also LEa

    Naruto: Naruto, Sakura, Kakishi, Killer Bee, Hinata, Sai, Fuu, Garra.
    Pretty good! Bored, but I suppose that's not a bad thing for night-time.

    So I saw that your into anime, Any favorites?
    Your not wrong, there is no overarching plot just a bunch of smaller episodic stories. Which to me is what makes it so great.
    =3 I'm picky about food rofl. At the very least, if you can, of all the ones I mentioned try mushishi. =D I think you'd take a liking to it most.
    Really only fairy tail? *o*

    I can suggest a few things. =] Like there's a new anime called Beyond the Boundary, its good so far and it's only on it's 4th episode. So quick catch up.
    If you like avatar then the Legend of Korra is a nice way to go.
    Or if you'd prefer a read Onepunch Man is a hilarious one. There's also Mushishi which is great read or watched.
    I play quite a variety of games. Kingdom Hearts, Mario, Pokemon, and The Legend of Zelda are the ones I play the most. The only Final Fantasys I've played are VI and VII. I'm the kind of person who would love to play all sorts of things, but seeing as I'm poor I'm stuck playing the ones I have. :( Jobs are hard to find here.
    Testing the waters? xD Thats fine.

    =] When your up to it you should give the media section a try though, its full of mangas and anime threads.
    That's great! :D Yeah, the people here are great to meet, and there are tons of threads to check out. What kinds of games do you enjoy?
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