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  • it's inspired by this web series called TOME... it's basically like sword art online only less dangerous basically... look it up in Canon RP's it's called TOME 2.0
    Yup, yesterday was my birthday. xD Thank you for saying it though! How are you doing today, Lunar? C:
    Okay, thanks. :) I look forward to your response, and I thought tossing Arno in there would work to help get things smoothed over between the two. ^^;;
    In that thread I made specifically, I saw sonami like 3 or 4 times if I'm correct and I just wrote that because I was shocked that people shipped them at all :D I always thought RoNami was a way more obvious ship, but what do I know anyways xD


    I'm sorry to leave early, but I need to go to bed. Got an early day tomorrow, so goodnight, sweet dreams and I love you. Talk to you tomorrow.

    P.S. Your inbox is full.
    It's May 7th, then my final is on the 14th.

    I'm going to bed now, I want to see about ducking into my math class tomorrow. So, unfortunately, goodnight and sweet dreams. I love you and talk to you tomorrow.
    This current section? Geometry, measuring units and interpreting data (graphs mainly).

    P.S. Your inbox is full.
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