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  • It's possible they might release a bundle, it's also possible they won't. But they can always release it with limited stock.
    Not. At. All. And it's a goddamn miracle, to be honest. I spoiled myself with Days and BbS BIG TIME. Hoping to stay "virgin" until I get my copy. :]
    I'm planning to become an Accountant and later a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). I also have strong political aspirations, to the level that it's my passion. Coincidentally, one of our country's best politician was an Accountant. That there is a coincidence. There's also a theory that suggests there are several intelligences, one of them is the interpersonal, which is to relate with people, I have that and it uses as example politicians. Other than that, I have close friends that have connections with one of our two main political parties in our country.

    In summation;
    God is kupoing awesome! xD
    LOL, I've had a couple of "revelations" when it comes to my aspirations and dreams in life.
    Ooooooooooooooooh! Completely different origin! xD

    But to be honest, I was studying Socialism.
    Salutations my good sir/madame, how fares your existence on this realm an omnipotent being designated for us living entities?
    You honestly didn't sound pushy at all, so don't worry about it, haha. I don't completely understand the argument myself, really.
    Exactly! We need to spread the word to any living soul who has not yet entered their side into their signature. Quick, message every friend you can to persuade them to join the holy fight if they haven't chosen their fight! But whatever happens I can assure you, JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED!
    Yup, it'll be more like an original story while sticking to movie points. I actually kinda hope that almost every world will be like that, not that much as Prydain will be being one of the last worlds and all but still, they all should have an original story but sticking to the movie points.

    You got the apocalyptic state right too. There basically isn't any hope left in the world, THK has already won in the eyes of the citizens of Prydain, at least, that's how I got it.

    You can take a crack at it when all is finished sure but I like it already the way it is so yeah :p. But you can always give it a try, you can surprise all so why not? n.n
    Yeah, I'll need all the luck I can get, I missed a month of school because I was sick and I have to know all these things by the end of the week. Like 75 % of the things I have to study, I've never seen before because I missed the lessons so yeah :p

    Good luck with the interview this weekend!
    Thanks for the explanation! Quite surprising how they are able to add more stuff into the mix though and still keep it interesting.

    I think after the exams next week, I'm gonna pick up my 3DS again and play OoT again, I played it non-stop for a couple of months so I decided to let it rest for a while :)
    Nope I almost know nothing about the story of Skyward Sword and I'm gonna buy it I think so I'm gonna keep it like that until I've played it :D.

    But still, it's interesting how they link (lol) every game with eachother, I never realised it until I read something on IGN discussing the timeline of the Zelda games and I was like 'wut? there's an actual timeline?' xd
    Yeah, to me it's funny that they have this deeper storyline going on yet they won't reveal it.

    Zelda is storydriven but to me you won't know that it's this deep just by playing a few games.

    I for one thought they were all stand alone games and had nothing to do with eachother, each having a different view on the 'legend' of Zelda :p
    Wow, that's pretty dark indeed o.o

    Looking forward to the new 3DS one though, really curious which style they'll use.

    Y'know what's strange about the games? That Nintendo refuses to release an actual timeline for the games :p
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