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  • Wall-E would be great for Dark Road, a world ruined by humanity's excess is just the kind of thing to fuel Xehanort's feelings that people just totally suck. Cars could be a racing-themed mini-game world, although Cars 2 had actual action/combat in it.
    @MATGSY I highly doubt we are getting ANY new worlds for Dark Road.

    Secondly, I'd prefer if Cars doesn't become a world in future KH games
    Why do I get the feeling that back in 2003 you'd be against the live-action Disney worlds? Reject change, resist anything new, embrace the status quo no matter how needlessly restricting it is.
    Seriously??!?!? I was open to the idea of having Live-action Disney worlds (e.g. Pirates of the Caribbean, Tron, just those in the Adventure, Fantasy and Sci-Fi area) in Kingdom Hearts even the Pixar worlds (before Disney acquired them in 2006) just after the first game and before Kingdom Hearts II came out.

    I'm saying it before and not going to say it again I feel that regardless if Disney owns Marvel, Star Wars and Fox, just "shoehorning" those properties as worlds in Kingdom Hearts, just wouldn't make sense in the grand scheme of things, IMAO.
    I love your new Dropkick Hayner avatar and I just wanted to let you know, so thank you for that~
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