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  • Eh, haven't been around for a while so don't really know. Doesn't look like much is going on at the moment.
    I don't remember the way thru Roger as of now, But I'll go thru it and record where I go to find the fastest way. It'll take a bit, I'll tell you when I'm done.

    Also, your ally is a bit broken. His Spell won't level at all. You must likely need to re-get him. Just make sure you disown him before getting him again. When you get an NPC ally while already having a pet or NPC ally, they tend to break and spells won't level. Jacks healing spell becomes really awesome at level 5.
    dude it's sooo much easier the Neon already fell and im on my second farming round. Trying to build up enough Arcane for Aspil
    The munny was just a little extra present so to say. You should use it on getting Aspil. It's way better then Focus for playing as a Mage. Also, to make things easier on you, try getting 16 speed. You'll be able to double sea neons that way. What I use to do to get thru atlantica was use 16 speed with about 15 magic, 50 HP and low Spr and Def. Just Leaf Braced a good bit along with using Aspil. Once you get past Atlantica, you'll be able to get an ally. But you'll need to get some munny to do a quest so.. the left over munny from aspil should go to that.
    Hello, seems it's been a while since we last talked. How've things been going for you? Things are proceeding fine over here for now.

    I'm guessing B.A.D is pretty long gone by now. Shame. But then again, we never really had very commited members...it seems to be my ill fortune to always be in squads that die. D:

    I'm one to talk, though. I was very commited, either. xD

    So, how 'bout a battle next time you're on the 'Ferno? If you're within my level range, of course. :3
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