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  • That signature. It's kind of delicious.
    (Not even a real fan of Homestuck.)
    (Fan of boys licking other boys. On the mouth.)
    Then don't be an ass to the other members. I'm only posting on your profile because your VMs to me deem a reply.
    Um, what?

    Listen dude, no one comes here to argue. And in a discussion thread, you are expected to be open to everyone's ideas and opinions, regardless of whether or not you agree with them. Just relax. This is a Kingdom Hearts forum after all.
    Hey guys, if you pop by here just letting you know that i'm back. Wont be as active as before but I should be on every day :D

    Unless work bogs me down of course
    Him leaving this for anyone who comes to my page wondering where I've poofed to. I'm on a role beating ocarina of time, for the first time in my life so i'm stuck on that while away from school work. Will resume normal activity when I'm done playing it. Until then I'll mostly only post on accouterments boards, linked from the sites main news page.
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