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    your cosplay outfit was amazing.
    that shot of you as Nia was really good,
    and i can tell you and your friends had a lot of fun.
    The girl who dressed up ad Garnet was incredibly hot
    in my opinion :D. To keep it formal, the pictures were
    really cool, and i loved them. It seemed sunnier in your
    area than it did in Seattle,Washington
    Wow 30-40 hours? That sounds like so much work!xD The end product reflects the time put into it for sure! It looks so good! I kind of figured it was a wing but I wasn't sure, because you seem to do pretty much anything for a con! Wow that guy is just so stupid! It was his only job, and he failed at it. It's good you atleast had fun cosplaying!xD Do you have anything else cool planned? Have you seen the new anime Eden of the East? It's very good!
    xD Good job! Your costum looks great! Do you use a wig, or how long did you spend on your hair? The person that did Simon was ok. What happened with the press? Did they forget to bring a camara? jk I don't think anybody is that stupid. Also good luck with the finals. :)
    Oh hey! How are you, and how is college going(Finals?)? How did the con go, who did you go as?
    Haha, just trying to finish up the rest of my senior year in HS.
    My mom and I are also grinding our asses to get me into a good art school over here. So, everything is pretty intense right now. I was a dummy for waiting until the last moment to finish up my personal statement/portfolio because I wanted everything to be perfect for my applications. But we're trying to see if we can get my foot in the door with a few of the schools. That's a primary reason why I loaded myself down with making my pro's look good, lmao.

    Otherwise, I'm being drenched in doing these essays for some of my classes that are each 15 pages, icky.
    But I'm just cruising along, trying to get everything done, really. Boys, class, design; the works.

    I've also heard from a couple of people that you've gone into college for design..I think?
    Any pointers or heads up you can give to me, other than meeting crucial deadlines? <3
    Just came back from the SakuraCon.
    i'll show you some of the pictures i took
    when you respond. It was actually pretty
    fun, but i felt a little awkward, as i thought
    i would. Next time i'm gonna try to get me a costume
    I don't think I've ever talked to ya directly hun.
    How are you?
    Oh that's very cool. Is it finshed? You need to get pics from the con!xD Yeah I suppose with cons, school, and all that other good stuff. You've been here for a longtime! Audo seems to be running things just fine.
    Haha yeah I'll probably be 17 or 18.
    And yeah same here, but I played RE CoM on Final Mix+, and I haven't touched a KH game since June or something. But as you said, it does still have a place in my heart too.
    Oh nice, when you thinking the next episode will be out?
    Also I think it'd be awesome to have the Terra fight (along with other Final Mix additions) in future episodes. I'd love to see that
    Hey what's up?
    Gonna appear in any more Team Johnnycake episodes? Haha, or are you moving on from Kingdom Hearts as a lot of other veterens here are (myself included btw)?
    So what's new? I like your new username color. You finally quit as site staff?
    Alright thanks it's 3:08 in MN. Yeah thats why, my cell phone didn't change yet. Alright ttyl.
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