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  • Sounds like things are coming along nice. When's the con? I am guessing your going for all 3 days, cosplay for each day? Or...?
    Well I already went as Tragalgar Law (young), but what I really want to make from scratch is a Miroku cosplay. Learning how to sew, but the hard part is the staff ><

    Oh cool, got everything ready for these cosplays?
    Can never go wrong with Catwoman and Nathan :D Makes me remember my laziness in finishing my cosplay...
    Laziness pays off xD Like I said, it works with you doing the numbers so I'd keep it ^^;;
    Who's the guy on the left? I can't recognize him.
    Well I approve of nerdiness, so look forward to seeing more :] So, what are you cosplaying as for this con? Hmmm?
    Also, for the video, I liked the way you did the countdown. Lots of people edit in still numbers, but you posing for the numbers added a personable touch ^^;;
    Such a great game, congratulations once again! No way :D I always enjoyed your videos from way back when lol. These are some great resolutions!!!
    Though I am shocked to hear you've never been to a convention :O Glad you're going to one soon! I know you will have fun!!
    Oh, and for your resolution to 100%/plat games, I just Plat my first two games at the end of 2013 xD Decided it was finally time to try lol
    Work. Work. And mostly just work. Though that's not much an excuse for being hoodini...so sorry about that :c
    How have you been? I work tonight, but hope to catch you on a day off so we can catch up again ^^;;
    This is still just whenever you're free, but I look forward to any critique you have to share on Namin?.
    She's so great I love her like hell. uwu She's starting to be willing to take naps with me and not​ attack my feet under my blankets.
    Augh. They're evil dude... I think I might need to do something else because the one I have is not only annoying but it may be too small.

    Also shit I can't see spoiler text on my phone...
    Not a whole lot, I burned myself trying to curl my wig earlier so that sucks

    I know right? I know there are cosplayers on here like reallyyyy
    nope! we basically get all our credits needed at the start of our first year at college (180 credits). you need to spend 60 credits (each class has its own amount of credits - all of the classes together make 60 credits) to enroll for one year of college. at the end of the year, you get the credits back from the classes you passed. I'll save you the details, but long story short: if you keep diddlying up, you won't have any credits left, meaning you'll have to go to work. this way, the government prevents that they invest in students not worth investing in. this could very well be an international thing, though, idk.

    gurl, once you go Belgian fries, you never go back ~ how dare you not know about that, tho jke
    I see! I don't think schools do that here.

    haha girl, our waffles are cray (or so I've heard). however, what's even more cray, are our fries. for some reason, they're called French fries pretty much all over the world but they're actually Belgian! this concludes today's "Belgium for Dummies".
    ah I see. are you currently in your first year or next year? in any case, first year of college is pretty exciting! :)

    Amsterdam is awesome! was surprised by how big it is, though. a lot of streets look pretty much the same as well, which makes the city feel even bigger haha. there are a lot of small rivers running through the city, which really gives the city its own personality.. come to think of it, some parts kinda remind me of Bruges, here in Belgium.

    anyways, it's a very pleasant city to walk through! I definitely recommend going there if you're ever travelling through Europe :)
    sounds fun (aside from the finals, that is). what are you majoring in?

    I've been good! went to Amsterdam about a week ago, which was pretty fun ~ the anual college "prom" is coming up next week (not to be confused with high school proms), so that's gonna be fun as well. don't know whhy, but there is something about suiting up that I find really enjoyable haha.

    finals are in January for me so I still have a bit of time left before the stressing out starts.
    aw hopefully it'll work for you ~ let me know if it did and what you thought of the ending once you've finished it! :3
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