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  • you wanna know something funny though? my cousin got me the KH1.5 preorder on time... but she hasn't gotten it to me yet
    At your convenience. Like I said in the Critique Request thread, I won't make any significant changes to the story until December anyway.
    Thanks! Your critiques certainly are thorough. I appreciate your taking the time to critique mine.
    yes I did! I didn't encounter too many glitches except for not being able to get to one secret because somehow it triggered the combat so I couldn't lockpick so that's really stupid. apparently I wasn't the only one with this glitch because I saw that Cry has been playing it as well and he had the same issue except he played on pc so yeah. but nothing too major really, that really sucks for you though because it's actually really good :c if you're willing to pay $15 for it then get it. if you encounter a lot of glitches again then there should be a way to get your money back, right?

    I thought it would be a little longer though but I'm not disappointed because it was so so so good ugh. I was literally screaming at the end!!
    haha exactly! it's like, you've kept a name for so long, it's not even worth changing anymore, y'know? my real name might be slightly easier to use, the name's Glenn :)

    i'm sure you can handle it.
    lol it's Ariel's Beginning. Not trying to come off as a correction nazi, it's just that TLMB sounds too similar to Batman Begins, and I can't imagine a dark/edgy Ariel.
    Truth be told, I dunno :v
    I grabbed this gem while tumbling TLM, and I think I even asked myself the same question. It does just look like it's from the prequel, though; until I finally watch that movie, that's my answer I'm sticking to.
    it's true, you are, it's not even a joke.

    and my free(!)dom feels uh-may-zeen. almost kind of refreshes the khi experience for me.

    and you were right, it feels really, really fucking good not having to look at deleted bot posts.
    we are bonded forevermore by the blood of the retired~~

    i'm home, sister.
    i always had to pause to appreciate haru's artistic talents because this show never affords it more than like half of a fucking second every time. but that was fAR AND AWAY my favorite moment in that entire episode (and that's saying a lot, because that was a pretty gr8 episode).

    and on that note, i literally do not understand how they are not everyone's otp.

    like i honestly can't even comprehend.

    i can't.
    aaaaaaaa, i just saw the pic you posted in the cosplay thread! it looks fantastic. super natural-looking, and a super flattering color on you to boot.
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