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Priss Princess Peckerpunch

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  • Hey, man. There's this guy in Sweeney Todd who looks almost exactly like you. Neo agreed with me, so I'm not crazy on that. If you haven't seen the movie, watch it. The main difference would be the hair, methinks, but only because his is less sexy.
    I've only talked to Neo once in about a months time. Iggy hasn't been on in forever as well. Last time I talked to Iggy was a two or three weeks ago on another site. Have no clue why they aren't on more :/ Probably cause of school and having a life >_>
    How has the Inferno been you ask Sir? Well to be honest, it's been pretty much abandoned by most players do to nothing new happening. There are still some vets and newbies that come along. But it's pretty much very lonely to say the least Sir. Also with recent rumors of Inferno Tech going out of business many have given up hope. But there are few who haven't and who stay loyal no matter what happens. Talked with Rae about Inferno Tech also, he said hope for the best. And he said the following about New Arcs: "I've been a bit slow about adding more arcs because honestly... i don't know what's happening with our Inferno at the moment and I don't want to waste a lot of time on something we need to change." That's the report from him. All and all, Inferno is a tad bit dull and needs something to liven it up. Be an event, arcs, or something else. That's all for my report sir.


    Well, hello, my name is Casey but I like Moses better. I'm a photographer, or aspiring, anyways. I like monopoly and twister:)
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