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    I set a new record of lowest rep in all of KHI history 0.o
    Is that an accomplishment? lol
    Well people are saying that if I take a screenshot of my negareps(screenprint) an admin can get rid of it, but my computer sucks and you also need MS paint which I dont have.
    Thanks :)
    Yeah, people get annoying. Im glad your not bullying me, im stuck with this rep, but eh, at least it attracts people to my profile so I have some company.
    You mean the red rep boxes? I got 9000 nega reps from some admin or hacker, because I made a joke.

    So uh, whats up? I like your avitar :)
    "I like him and I join any club you make so why make one I can't join".
    Srsly. That commnent wasn't necessary.
    You'll see when it'll hit 100% and it'll be replaced by a link to the thread I'll post it in XD;
    Hmmm.. I think he will. Because they have to show the connection between Roxas and VenI don't have problems with Jesse though. But in 358/2 days he sounded a bit.. Fake, sometimes. I guess it would be weird if someone who looks so much like Roxas has a completely different name xD
    Hmmm... I don't really know. He sounds a bit like him though.
    But I'm sure there are more actors who sound like that.
    But I really hope it isn't Sora's VA. Because then Haley Joel Osment will voice him in English, and his voice doesn't fit at all! But that's my opinion ^^
    There's nothing special about it :) I just used it as an excuse to send you a message ^^"
    Yeah I've joined today, I guess now I have to live with the name "rookie" xD
    Yeah I'm fine too. Kinda bored though. It's holiday, and I don't know what to do
    Certainly! :D We're always happy to welcome new members. Feel free to post on the thread :3
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