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    My Corner — fuckyeahcomicsbaby: The Princess of Pluto Why...
    Inappropriate? There couldn't have been anything bad or Deviantarts site would've blocked it. 0_o Only a DA member can turn off the filter.
    The KH comics were funny, but some of those pics were too inappropriate for me... Kinda hurts my eyes.

    Purity by Quirkilicious on DeviantArt
    Fresh Blood by Quirkilicious on DeviantArt
    KHSpoof: Better forgotten by jojo56830 on DeviantArt
    Yuno - NSFW optional by ZeroNis on DeviantArt
    The first rule of Fight Club... by Quirkilicious on DeviantArt
    Fandumb #65: The Best Possible Cutscene by Neodusk on DeviantArt
    it will rain by NanFe on DeviantArt
    Tomboy VS girly artist by kawacy on DeviantArt
    Yeah. How are you going to control the characters in that game? Either way, we can't complain too much since it is free!
    I mean if you think the droughts now are long you dont know true droughting lol.
    I hope it's easy to play. I suck at touchscreen. Dx
    What do you mean? Afraid I don't know much about that game. But I will once I get it! I'm glad it's for tablets.
    Perhaps it's where I've been in the fandom so long but I never expect anything anymore. You think news is droughting now but you don't know a news drought.
    I'm more interested in Unchined thogh so if we get anything is rather it be about that.
    Do you think there'll be any good news for kingdom hearts III on June15th? I sure hope so... They've been making us wait too long! I am glad that we'll get to play kingdom hearts X on our tablets for free though! But I think it's different than the old one.
    That's cool! But I don't think I'll do it anytime soon. I just wrote a long reply to a thread of mine, and I lost connection when it was time to post it... And when I tried getting the saved data back, it only saved a fourth of it at least! That's depressing...
    The only time it takes ages to finish something is the PSP original version of BBS. There was no tweaks added then which made everything way drug out.
    The ability zero exp is tweaked. When your in boss battles it evens things out. You do more damage and thus the battle isn't long. In normal encounters you do little damage but you can also bypass this by using Magenega and some other spell which sucks up enemies and constantly damages them plus whatever other spell you use.
    Your stats also have slight bumps thanks to keyblade equipped.

    Zero Exp always tweaks. It doesn't just keep you from gaining exp it also alters things about the character which varies from game to game.
    In KH2 and BBS the characters do more damage than they normally would at level one. In the KH2FM version Sora gets extra abilities from the critical mode which levels his playing field. In BBS your damage is higher during boss battles to equal it more.
    In KH1 (PS3) it tweaks Sora so that he doesn't automatically die in one hit.
    Didn't that take a looooong time defeating an enemy on level one? I don't see how it would even do any damage to them that way. I think the game would go just as slow, if not more if you did that.
    lol That's why I just said screw it and didn't level grind. I actually beat Terras story on lvl 1 easily. It wasn't till post story that I had issues with some Arena missions.
    Leveling in BBS isn't really fruitful like it is in KH1 or 2 sadly.
    That would be a good dream. =]
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