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  • I found KH2 to easy personally. Critical mode helps a bit though.
    Until that KH3 trailer we got there was no news to share. haha
    I guess it's not really embarrassing, but I need to get me my own. I just finished KHII! It was fun! I hope the third is longer though. And it needs more cut scenes and defienetely more gameplay. I've been a huge fan for about 7 years I think. Maybe more. I guess I've gotten used to waiting. It would be a lot easier if they gave us some news or a trailer of the new games every month or so.
    Why would that be embarrassing? The site has always been glitchy. Going to visitor messages takes you to the messages on your own page.
    For it to show up on other peoples pages you have to post it on their visitor message or click "view conversation" and post in there. Our view conversation link doesn't work though so I just check your page every so often to see if you posted something.

    If you can't wait that long then you haven't been a fan to long. hahahaha
    I'm using my little sisters tablet sad to say... Kinda embarrassing. But as long as it can go on the web I'm good! Why won't the site work for you? I guess it probably won't work form either. I just go on visitor messages! I don't write with too many people on here so far. I don't I want to start to yet either with my tablet being broken and all.
    I was surprised to see that they announced the date to a game show that won't be here until November! Please tell there'll be more than that! I can't wait that long for a KHIII trailer! I think by then, there will be a trailer with a release date shown. Because that's far away.
    If it's broke what are you using right now. D=
    I wish the "view conversation" thing would work because I keep missing your messages since they're on your own page. >_< Stupid site glitches.
    Afraid so... And it broke too. So now I don't even have that! I'll get a new one some time though. They'll be a time when I can go on here and read posts and make my own some time. This site totally suits me! It's the only king I'm into is KH. So what else would I want to talk about with a lot of other people?
    I can picture them with other voices easily. All that matters is how well it's done to me. I don't care who's doing it. =3
    You should be able too...is the android all you have? =O
    I'm actually quite fond of the actors they've chosen for the characters. The one's that hasn't been replaced of course! I think their voice gives the character half their personality. Just like what Haley J Osment does for Sora. Can you picture him with any other voice? Well... Besides Japanese! As for the pic. It was cool! I wish I could post pictures I've drawn on here. But I don't know how to post pictures. I don't even think it's possible for androids, is it?
    haha I've waited so long that I went numb years ago. Voice actors were never a concern of mine personally. So long as the voice is done so that it doesn't make me cringe I won't pay attention to who's doing it. It is still sad and weird for an actor that other people like so much to die. The weird part being the japanese counterpart is also gone.
    Well I finally got some hang of digital art! =D Look: Touka (finished) by Dravoo on DeviantArt
    I hope they give us something to make our wait less miserable. I can't picture KHIII without MX's real voice I'm afraid... There's no way they can find someone who can sound like that! If you ask me, they should keep looking for Mickey's replacement. Brett just doesn't cut it. He gives Mickey no emotions at all! And he was such a lovable character in KH. Is that what's going to happen to MX now? I mean, he wasn't loveable or anything. I guess that's just how it goes sadly... I'll try to be happy when they find someone else. But L Nimoy's will definitely be remembered forever.
    Sorry about the sad message! Got any cheerful news?
    I dont know what to tell you sadly. KH news for years has gone months to years without nothing at all. That's how it's always been. That's how SE has always handled it sadly. =[
    Sorry. The video didn't work. It looked like it was removed or something. I get internet a couple times a week, and it's very disappointing going on the KH news and finding out there's nothing new! What is SE doing? They promised us some information in the beginning of 2015. It's discouraging... Do you by any chance know when an event is coming up or something? That be cool. I still feel like crying over Leanord Nimoy... What is KHIII going to do?
    Funny! I just watched big hero 6 last night! It was good, but like all Disney movies, it was too condensed... Sorry it's been so long since I was last on here. My tablet broke on me. Now In have to use someone else's. I have such rotten luck when it comes to electronics! I'm still trying to get a new one. Speaking of Haley Osment, I've been watching IGPX recently. It's pretty cool, and Haley does a great job! It was made around the same time as KH2. But the 2nd season ghot carried away. Too much language. Really stupid too, because the first season was totally for kids! Nothing can compare to KH.
    huh....For some reason when I click the view conversation it takes me to someone elses pages. :confused: Not I'm not sure if I replied to your last message or not....
    I hope he uses less straps and belts in his next redesign of the characters. xD
    Lol! Yeah. He's also the designer for their new clothes. No one else could make Sora's clothes the way he does.
    It would either be less complex and easier to follow or get worse off and be impossible to enjoy. Dx
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