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  • That's strange. It still takes a long time to even get to level 50 though. If only my dream I had the other night was true... Nomura said they were making the ending of KH3 and the next step would be voice recording. It was exciting! Until I woke up...
    You honestly dont even need to level up. It can help but after level 50 your attack wont go any higher.
    Two replies are twice the joy! xD
    I googled it. Vanitas Remnant unlocks after beating the final episode. Just beat it then load Aquas normal file and you'll find a new location option on Keybalde Graveyard.

    KH4 and onward are hopefully more planned out plot wise.
    Yeah... I'm starting that now. And yes, I found that out from you! I bet this is surprising seeing two replies from me in 1 day! Lol. It's definitely nostalgic for me too! I grew up with it, so I want to see the end if the story. Nothing will stop me from plying the 3rd! I don't see how I would be disappointed in it... but I will be sad after I completed it. To me, it would feel like the series is over. I don't know what kh4 and so on would be like.
    KH is mostly just nostalgia for me now. It's the same for may u fans actually, just a mix of nostalgia and wanting to see how KH3 ends. More than once I've seen comments of quitting the series after 3. After KH3 Id say the series will have more of its newer fans taking over.

    I thought I told you you can beat any boss with any character. o_0
    Aqua is just my preferred one because her guard is lifesaver for every boss.
    I think Canitas Remenant only appears you do something....can't remember what though....hmmmm....
    Normal? You mean her normal story mode? Yes. Don't fight any of her bosses on the final episode.
    I'm starting to feel the same. They haven't been giving fans what they want at all! Haven't they progressed in making the game enough to give us a trailer yet? I'm surprised something that's existed for 13 years and only has 2 real sequels can stay so popular. It still has so many fans! And I'm one of them. I guess it must be a really good game. I would even liked it if it was just a movie. There's just nothing else like it! I never liked anything for more than 3 years. But, KH has been my favorite thing for almost 10 years! How about you?
    That messed up my plan when I found out all the characters can fight the secret bosses! So I was leveling Aqua up on the wrong game... I should've used her normal game, right? But, where is Vanitas' reminant in the keyblade graveyard? I know that world is different in the regular version.
    Then I advise getting something like renawl guard. With her barrier like guard it is a godsend. Every hit taken by her guard restores health.
    Sorry but I'm not really all that hype. ^ ^" I quit being hype for conferences years ago because I was always disappointed. After so many conferences after KH2 in 05 thinking what you just said about KH3 news and being constantly disappointed has destroyed any hype I have for SE.
    Hmm... okay! I'll choose Aua for sure. She's probably best.
    Are you excited for E3? I know I AM! I'm sure SE shoukd know if they want to make us happy, they need to give us something new about KH3. Anything else would just be disappointing... I mean, KH3D in HD would make me happy. But I really want a KH3 trailer! This game better be perfect... because they're taking enough time making it. I can't see how it would be bad though!
    No you can fight and when against any boss with any character Aqua is just my preferred one to play and it's easier to win with her than it would be with Terra or Ven.

    I wouldn't put it past them to make one but I don't see it being a big part of the story if they do. I doubt it's nothing but I'm not sure if it'll be big. Either way I won't play it. I hate phone games and I can't work them well with that touchscreen sh*t.

    How are you lately? ^_^
    OK, thanks! Guess I'll just try it. Is Aqua the only one who can fight Vatitas' reminant and the other secret bosses?

    So, do you think they're really going to make a new KH game for SmartPhone or something like that? I for one don't think it sounds like a very good idea. Unless it could be for iPads and tablets too. But even that sounds hard to control... What do you think? Is it nothing?
    I dont know any shortcuts for Arena leveling sadly. I usually only bother with the Arena as Aqua myself.
    You get Second Chance in KH2 based on level and whether you chose the sword, shield or wand. If you pick the shield you'll have Second Chance and Once More by level 50.
    Leveling helps but if your on critical it wont help much. Those fights are mostly about skill. People beat them on level 1 all the time. Long as you had all four of the drive abilities and Second Chance + Once More you would have a chance to beat them at any level but being at a high level can help.

    Between the dodge roll, guard, glide dodge jump, second chance and once more abilities your pretty much capable of dodging and surviving any attack. Reflect and Stitch also help a lot.
    Wow! There's a lot I have to get still then! In BBS, I only have a couple abilities to get. It takes so long to level up your rank in the mirage arena! Do you know any faster tricks to it? And, where do you get second chance in kh2? It seems like leveling up doesn't help for beating the absent silhouettes the second time. What do you think?
    You get all the abilities through melding commands in BBS and if you know what your doing you can have almost all of them before you even get half way through the game.
    I use this chart: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Ability Creation Guide for PSP by jekoln - GameFAQs
    To get an ability permanently you have to max the command level. Like if you have a blizzard spell with a reload boost ability attached to it you can keep the ability even without blizzard equipped if you max out the spell.
    To do this I either use the command board since I can level several at once OR I use the Stitch D-Link which doubles experience for commands.

    Yeah KH2 has both.
    Thanks! How do you get all the abilities in BBS? Also, I know you get once more in kh2, but can you get second chance? I guess I can just look it up online to see how to get em all.
    Fenrir trick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2WhSKV292s&list=FLio5DV5eRP892cFj_mb9okA&index=10 The trick puts the Lingering Will, aka Terra, into a loop of being stunned.

    It's not hard or easy just time consuming but all you need is a chart for the BBS commands and abilities and you can make anything you want. There is no cheat for doing it just takes time to get stuff. The only abilities you need to worry about though are 2nd Chance, Once More, Leaf Bracer and Renewal Guard.
    Have those four abilities and you can beat anything.

    It is easy thanks to the abilities I just listed. I know how to get any ability I want so this makes any level 1 run on BBS easy. Aqua's unique barrier guard also helps.

    That's luck and skill. No tricks. I do contend you'll use limit, wisdom and final form a bit though.
    For instance Demyx spams water clones up in the 99 numbers. This is easy to get through if you just use wisdom and spam firaga. Of course you'll need a lot of ether and max level to make it work best.
    Fenrir trick? What's that? =0 I haven't gotten all the commands to get in BBS yet. Is there an easy trick for it? I guess I never really looked up any cheats for the games, so I don't know any. And Aqua on level 0 through the entire game! Yikes! That doesn't sound so easy to me. Since u seem to know so much, do u know how to defeat the 13 members in khII? Is it just skills, or is it just luck
    If Terra is to hard you can use the fenrir trick. =D
    BBS was ridiculously easy once you learn how to work the commands to get any ability you want. Aqua on a level one playthrough is overly easy. =O
    I dont have a favorite. =3
    I did proud. I want to at least try and beat the 13 member bosses and Terra. Critical would be impossible I think! I do think BBS was way too easy. Even on critical! All though... I have not tried Vanitas' reminant or the armor thingy. I almost forgot they were in the game! They are, right?
    By the way, have we told each other our fav characters in the game yet? I don't remember if we did. So, mine's Riku! But... I bet you already knew that.
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