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  • Your nega rep didn't do anything because you have no rep for yourself to go against me with. So nice try :p

    Do onto others as you would have them do onto you is a better quote. I am nice and accepting of atheists while you think of religious people as brainless. So when I saw you post that we have no brain I gave you that nega rep because I was offended that you said I'm brainless.

    I don't call any atheist who states their belief an aggressive atheist. I call an atheists who insults ("people with a brain" ring a bell?) and hates/dislikes to an extent of religious people to actually go against them all without discretion aggressive atheists. When I saw you post that what we believe is stupid I did nothing since that was your opinion but when you posted about religious people being brainless is more than just an opinion.
    He'll have something to say. He's just getting Raven, Dogenzaka and Teiku 5 as reinforcements. They'll be back, and in greater numbers.
    I'm assuming that someone has given you nega-rep for one of your posts. Other than that, couldn't tell you.
    Well, our kind is outnumbered. Our kind as in, what Shade 737 calls, "Aggressive Athiests". Basically, any athiest who states thei belief.
    Those cafeteria christians don't like me either... Freedom of speech? Hello? Anyone? HELLO!?

    Well, it's good to know there's someone else on here who likes to voice their opinions about space daddy. "The name Sam invented for God"
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