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  • I'm glad you feel better. :) Always remember I'm here for ya, and don't mind listening to rants. xD

    OK. I hope you have lots of fun! ^^ Save a dance for me when you get back! (;

    Thanks! Happy early Thanksgiving to you too! ^^
    Yeah, it will be based on the one book, as well as some extra stuff from the author's notes mixed in. :)

    They are pretty awesome! ^^

    Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! ;A; *hugs you tightly* Don't be mad at yourself, Steph! It'll be OK, I'm sure you'll make it through critical and get it all back. :) I have faith in you! ^_^
    ^_^ Yeah, it's gonna be awesome. You know it's going to be a trilogy? This Christmas is the first part, next Christmas is part 2, then summer 2014 is part 3. ^_^ I take it you've seen Lord of the Rings?
    ^^ You're welcome! *blushes too*

    Sounds like a blast! We usually have a dinner, though not quite as big as Thanksgiving. xD Christmas Eve night everybody's allowed to open one present. Then the morning's a crazy jamboree of whatever happens to be that year's gifts. This year we might be seeing the Hobbit movie, though our financial situation's pretty tight. Hopefully that'll pull through.

    Dang, I wish I could be in that party. xD You'll definitely have lots of fun! :D
    Thanks! You seem like an awesomely nice girl to get to know as well. ^_^

    Oh, OK. xD No need to be nervous though, I understand, and I'll be here if you ever need help with anything. :)

    So, what's your plans for Christmas? :D
    :) Glad you've got a week off too! ^^ Oh, really? I focused on school ahead of relationships too. :) But I have crushed before. But it never worked out for me. :( Never. Sorry if you felt uncomfortable by me asking that.
    Yeah. :) Well, that's good at least. xD Hope the smell goes away for you guys! ^^ How's school been treating ya? Any guys taking your interest? *wink*
    Fooooood! :D It's a good movie, one of the big classics. Ever heard of the "I'll lasso the moon for you" thing? That's where that's from. ;) Well, your Thanksgiving sounds fun! ^^ Hope you have a fun day! In the meantime, how goes things? Again, I'm sorry you had to endure rotten potatoes. :( It must have been awful! ;A; *brings you a lovely smelling flower* ^_^
    ^_^ Hang out with the family, eat lots of food, and do the yearly custom of watching the movie "It's a Wonderful Life". :D You?
    Gonna chat on here a while, then maybe read some more fanfics. :D Hope the homework goes well. ^_^ *hug* (PS: hope you don't mind hugs, I give them a lot. xD If they make you uncomfortable, I can stop)
    xD How are you pronouncing it? Zi-mAl-ek (slight emphasis on the a) xD And that's cool! ^^
    Thank you! ^^ Really? I guess I'm just good at making names. xD Ximalech is actually the Organization-ized version of mine. xD
    Hello, Steph! ^^ How are you today? I got a new post done on KW. Tell me what you think. :)
    Yeah I am. xD OK, we can chat some more tommorrow, I'd love to find out more about you! ^_^
    Oh you have? :( Darn it, I should have been here earlier. How much longer are you gonna be on?
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