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  • There are many reasons, some of them I'd rather discuss privately. But the pinnacle of this shit fest was the walk home from school--ugh.
    Eh, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Tomorrow, I want the Shiny Charizard.
    Are all those Shinies legit? It seems a bit weird to have that many rare Shinies..
    Three pages of people asking the same questions and saying the same shit. They need to stop it
    Oh it's not so much as pride it's the work effort involved, and I'm lazy as it is so I'm sure others wouldn't want to dedicate there time to something like that.

    Lmao, at that point it was serious business.
    I assume back in the old days that could have worked, and by old days any time before 09 lol. I did lurk back in my time, and when I was things were a lot more peppy by comparison to today. If the attitudes were the same as they were back then, MAYBE something along the same lines would work out. Now, no fucking way.

    Eh, I guess I got too over zealous with it and thought there was no hitch. I had realized that it's the internet; it's not fool proof.

    Well there was the decision for various site improvements such as the FI purge and the Rep adjustments, but that's the closest things I've seen to being a collectively productive movement. It has worked elsewhere though.

    I used to surf a forum that was basically a haven for Spore fanatics, and I was at a time myself. When the creature creator demo came out activity at the site was booming and members started coming out of the wood work to start posting again after years of hiding; a miraculous thing really. Seeing as how malleable the creatures were in the demo I thought it would be cool to make some project out of it. And after dropping by the site a few times I saw a Mew as a creature on one of the members' page.

    A spark of inspiration hit me, and with the approval of several members I concocted the CC pokemon contest. It was a big hit, the first 150 pokemon were made with the CC. We even had plans of making a chart of all 150 of them in some form of a collage; possibly a Poke Rap parody. However, for some reason things quickly degenerated even after every creature was cataloged and prepped. I also had a rung of other members handling things when I was away. In the end it was a great concept, but in that case the plan failed; nearly 60 members worked on it.

    tl;dr- depends on the community and the circumstance. But it doesn't always work out for the best-- in my case it only works out 50%
    Well it was just recently brought to his attention, either by someone else or he eventually figured it out. Regardless, justice has been served; I can't agree with every decision but, hey what are you going to do? I'll just sit back and watch as always.

    Yeah, very rarely members will work together in such a manner. There have been some instances but like I said: rare.
    Well most of the staff do care about things of that nature, honestly I don't even care about what had happened. I was a witness to some of the happenings in there but there were also others on the staff that didn't say a word either. I thought they were kidding initially, but I never thought they'd go through with it.

    Funny how something like that can rally a good number of members together and actually cooperate. If that ability was put to better use this place could be much better in terms of attitude and productivity.
    In reality she isn't that bad of a girl IMO, she just likes causing trouble to create entertainment; in this case it ended badly.
    We'll see in the following days to come. And as for Vodka, yes she did deserve punishment; but what were you really expect from her? Any less?
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