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  • Oh, well, I'm sorry. I like your text on your page though. It's beautiful. I'm not one to really like the cool word either. I'm not one to know or even think that I'm cool.

    I played KH once and it was interesting and I'm not a big fan to disney either but I like playing RPG games so that was right up my alley.
    well either way you have to take them eventually here.... oh well... how big do your classes get??
    yep i finished most of those here as well..except for math...i suck at math like a lot... >_<
    ohh really?? well that sounds cool.. hmmm..your education system must be way different then..probably better than ours... XD
    Hiya! I found you in the Intel section of the forum. About the world going to Hell. I just wanted to say hey! And visit you for a moment.
    ohh i just wanted to know..since in most cases you can stay in college for two years and then transfer somewhere else..though just wanted to see how different things are in different places.. do you know what your going to do yet? like i guess a profession your going for?? XD
    Dont have that sad demeanor, no good will possibly happen like that. I have a lot to do right now to, Im sure that everything will be okay.
    well you can't go somewhere different after a set period of time?? or you stuck their permanently??
    Im sorry to hear that but dont worry, that happens to all of us. I hope you can make things better, good luck
    haha really you see it as a waste of time?? XD lol you seem to be enjoying yourself though.. C:
    Hey! haven't talked to you in awhile... what's up?? wow so you been here a year... XD
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