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  • hey man just to let you know John Silver is yours if thats your plan I just wanted a alliance with him and Sorrow.
    You bring up an interesting point, and i am in the works of another one, so i might make him the anti-hero, or perhaps both of my guys ;D
    Sounds like it was pretty cool bro ^^ And I know what you mea, things that look that cute, you just know they must be creepy when you're not watching it lol But I'm sure it'll be fine, just feed it some carrots and it should be good ^-^
    lol How creepy we talking about? Cause I've seen some pretty creepy bunnies. But anyway, how was your trip seeing your mom, besides with the creepy bunny giving.
    lol Happy Easter Bro to you too ^__^ And just really checking out the posts and playing a game at the moment. How about you? ^^
    lolz yea you got a point XD...ummm Umm lolz XD I unno tranquilize it XD...jk jk, lolz I say hide yer dog XD
    lolz OMG XD!! you're the first person who tells me he doesn't like bunnies XD...hmmm maybe face yer fears XD?! I say put it on display outside your house or maybe train it a little and earn ya some cash x3....or a much easier solution x3, sell it lolz
    lolz WUT XD?!, They can't have your rum x3...You run on it's divine powah XD

    They just want some carrots maybe x3, you don't expect them the next second leaning on your room's door say "nnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeee what's up Doc.?" XD
    Happy Easter Solar-kun =D...lolz I got easter and mah birthday at the same day this year XD lolz *double whammy* x3, got me some money and presents =D

    Bunny =DDDD ~ <3, bunnies are just cute little jumpy creatures x3...I envy yew >.>...lolz
    Hmm, I might just do that. I agree that there are too many heroes, and that there should be some diversity. Perhaps, Ryu and Dan could team up :D
    I'm in Radient Garden :)
    I'll think of something o_O
    Now that I'm here, I was wondering if I could change my keyblades to Oathkeeper and Oblivion...I just really like them xD
    haha, nice, nice. I'm working on my second Digi temp for that digimon rp, and also doing a small post for the kh rp of yours before bedtime...although, i might get sidetracked, and be up until 3 or4

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