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  • Hey there! Been awhile, sorry, I haven't been getting on as much lately. You asked me if things were going well, to be honest, not really. My family has been going through a lot lately. But eh, how have you been?

    I dunno I just decided to log on... surprised this isn't deactivated. Either way wanted to say hi and how you doinnnnn?

    oh my gosh no you helped a gigantar amount! seriously you have an amazing imagination. i love the idea tho. thanks so much!
    Nice! I'm still deciding what I want to do after high school. I'm probably just going to the community college, but I don't know what I wanna do...:(
    Hi Taokitty! I'm great! I'm just finishing my last semester of high school! Woooooo!!! :D

    How are ya!!!?
    haha, yup apparently they allow name changes every six months or so...yup..haha...I don't really remember the reason I left, I think people were pissing me off on the site, so I just left...then like two years later, I decided to come back to get info on Re: CoM and ended up staying, I've been back for a few months already...now I enjoy it here again, and have become sort of addicted to this place again, but I mostly post in forum insanity...XD

    felt bad that I never told you and anonymous that I left, I just did it without warning
    Haha! They allowed a second name change? My, aren't they breaking the rules? ;P

    It's been pretty good, I myself rarely go on this site now, eh? What brings you back and why did you leave Masamune? Tis curiosity that urges me to probe. ^.^
    yeah its me masamune, i had a name change again, so yeah, hows it been? its been so long.....I barely came back to this website like 2 months ago, but before that, I hadn't posted here since my freshman year...
    hey i was wondering if you remember me? i haven't been on in about a year or two but still
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