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  • it's kay xD it's getting late so i had to log off

    talk to you later? :D
    i went into a bootlegger like two weeks ago and the male employee was so awkward and incapable of being nonchalant but bless him he tried

    don't be him!!!!!!!!! be sassy
    ahhh that sounds rough. my friend is studying that as well and from what I hear it's incredibly time consuming. :c
    but yeah I'll find a way, I was looking for some international study programs, and from what I could find is that the US is extremely expensive, so unless I magically get a scholarship that won't be an option either. I might start looking into some programs in England maybe, if you take a one year English class there you basically can get accepted to any university in England, and any kind of financial aid is a lot easier to get there. but I'll see what happens, need to do more research before I get myself into something. luckily I know a few people who have studied in England and I have one friend who's actually from there so if I decide to go through with it they can tell me everything I need to know!
    not much really, it may sound weird but I wish I could go back to school. still figuring out what my possibilities are here, since I don't have the right piece of paper for what I want to do. dutch school system sucks unfortunately. what's up with you?

    oh and you can call me Julia bytheway
    ok but if you get 4 that's not fair you're taking too many corgis for yourself you have to share so i get 2 and i shall name them fluffy #1 and fluffy #2
    sooo what it really means is that there's a big group of corgis who lurk in the shadows, secretly influencing society, all to help them reach their goal of world domination.

    i suddenly like it a lot more 10/10 it's about the only swag you have so congrats
    ok i've been wondering this whole time but pls tell me your user title 'order of the corgis' is referring to corgi puppies-- no you know what even if it's not just say yes i mean look at these little guys

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