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  • Hello and just what scubasol said why do you have the best avatars? Mine will never compare to yours.
    :D <3

    And I agree to everything you said! 8D He is very mysterous and quite villainous in his own way. But he does it so perfectly, perhaps one of the main reason I enjoyed watching those few little Birth By Sleep clips. They were wonderful. And yeah, I heard about that "Unknown Promise", me so wonders what they could have been? 8D; And yes, sexy...sexy...SEXY boy. Not many man can pull off that scarf like him.

    And again, I agree. With the Xigbar we saw in Kingdom Hearts II, and then the one we saw in Days...it's quite different. Xigbar actually has a kindness underneath all of that "sarcasticness", and he really can care. It's sweet, espcially with a Nobody. 8D; I bet it's Roxas's fault. Lawlz. And YES. I WANT TO SEE HIM AGAIN SO BADLY. DX IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY.

    And yes, I did. The whole song isn't mine, but just the few changes that involves Xig and Kingdom Hearts references. XD I figured it would fit...hahaha. Although I don't think I'm as bad as Frollo. XD
    8D Yay for heart stopping! Braig that ablity down quite well.

    And that's fine. I can't deny that Braig is just dropdead sexy. XD But for some reason I prefer Xigbar, maybe because I already liked him in Days, before I even knew of what Braig looked like.

    And okay. 8D They're edited lyrics of the Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame "Hellfire" I was totally crazy when I did this..so you gotta remember that.

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    8D It's a compliment, trust me. :D And yes, it was EXTREAMLY hawt. It jumpstarted my heart this morning when I was trying to wake up. <3

    And yesss, you are. And I am the biggest fangirl of Xigbar ever. 8D I ever edited lyrics...cus I'm such a geek.
    I very muchly applaude you on how you always are up to date on the Braig fanart, and change your icon rightly so with the best and newest ones. Your new icon is just...zomg...very...sexy...fine. ♥3♥;;;;;;;;;
    Heh. Rock. That's a pun. Cause, you know...yeah. xD

    I think it's sad how under appreciated Lex is D: Also, Luxord (although he's slightly more appreciated). :(
    well it's not how many posts you have. its whats in the post that counts.
    lol :D
    i feel like i have no life. 1000 posts ?!??!
    ikr! i feel like i accomplished something and i deserve a medal
    but most of my posts were nonsense anyway lmao
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