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  • Ok I will do that, next time just ask me straight off the bat to delete it. I'm more than willing to delete things if people have other ways they want to take things.
    Yeah I would, cause I was planning on Jins response to be different than getting a kick out of the situation.
    What so you have never gotten a kick out of one of your friends when they where uncomfortable.
    I can't wait for the second one to be dubbed... rumor is that it will come out in 2011. I hope they got Asuka's original voice actor. Wow, 2013 is pretty far off but I was expecting the wait to be even longer than that so I'm kind of relieved. XD
    Also, the girl is Aqua from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.
    Oh man, the last two episodes were such a wtf moment. That's why I was grateful for the movies; I'm so glad I didn't discover Eva until they had those movies out too. Yep, I've got the first Rebuild movie on DVD and I watched the second one in subs quite recently. I'm really excited for the third movie and I have my fingers crossed that Asuka will get much more screen time and that we'll learn more about Mari.
    Agreed, it seems we are a rare breed... at least that I've noticed. :]
    Have you seen any of the Rebuild movies?
    sure had rl business for a while back now, at least till it attacks again. so what do u want me to post since i'm a bit lost as to what we need to do
    Okay I already input it. I'm a little tired to play at the moment. Though we should play one of these days.
    Oh I have that too! Only I haven't played with other friends on there for awhile now. I only go on the regional or worldwide battle.
    Well I'll see if I can scrounge up a few people then! Hey do you have any other wifi games on your Wii??
    Well next time I'll ask my other buddies to go on there. Then we can have more people if you want. The more the merrier! xD
    Ayy you do it tournament style huh?? Let me assure you, without those items I probably wouldn't have won those two fights. I guess I suck without items, major fail indeed... Anyways I hope I'm not the worst you fought. :S lol
    Hehe you are too good! Sorry I had to go. I can't play for long periods of time.
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