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  • I'll get on it this week

    I didn't have internet this weekend so I couldn't check what it was
    welll all my brushes in my photoshop disappeared so now i have to download all of them again, i might have it tonight or tomorrow
    yeah but remember that means hes changed his name twice [xeahnort"name change after death"---> ansem and then with the x its ansem/ but im talkin about 2-6 (sorry there was suppose to be a fact stating that xemnas shouldnt have been reffered to my bad)
    thanks, i'm new here so i don't understand a lot of the website...well i don't understand very much better saying
    i will try but first i have to read the instroctions, if you have ideas shoot them to me, thanks
    nah.) if you noticed anything about the 6 founding members of the organization i dont think there names are quite the same as they used to be when they added the "X" in there names like (lea+x= Axel) (Sora+x+letter messing= Roxas) so you see only few still have there real names in there new names
    cool i just kinda made up my organization name in 2006 but that was a long time ago and so i chose it for a profile name plus hes a character in one of my kh comics
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