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  • okay, i'll check it out in a bit, man. wasnt expecting bbs news for a while though. lol
    I usually just goof off in my fanclub. lol. i havent posted in the KH section in a while. link, plz?
    according to marluxia he would be able to reform it to the way he wants.....the way i understand it he would be able to make a complete set of new memories.

    then again your theory and my theory arent exactly that far from being the same.
    your theory is ok. but in COM it was said if sora's memories were is erased his heart would be broken. so i dont think it would cause an unborn kind of situation
    In heaven we are at peace and wont have to worry anymore. I once heard someone say "A lost sinner has his happiness here on earth for a short time but his punishment is for enternity. A christian suffers on earth for a short time but his happiness is forever."
    You don't want to rest forever....sure sleep is nice but eventualy sleep must end and morning comes. We all have to face the day eventualy.
    No way, with the whole near death expeience thing and the unexplained proof that souls exist, all of us will continue pass death. It's just where we go after death that is up for debate, I believe in heaven and hell of course but others have their own ideas.
    Then when I get to heaven, I can look at the souls of the aborted babies and say, "I avenged all of you. No one will ever have to be aborted again and if they are then their mother will be punished cause it's illegal" To be able to say that one day would be wonderful.
    imagine being aborted and when it's over as a soul you have to exist for eternity knowing that your own mother killed you. Imagine how much pain and sadness the souls of aborted babies must feel. It makes me angry just thinking about it. I'll avenge them and bring justice for the aborted babies by making it illegal. I've made making abortion illegal my life's goal.
    See abortion is taking away the babies right to live and thus it goes against the constitution. Sex is where the choice comes in, if you don't want a baby then don't have sex. You chose to hve sex knowing the risk and thus you have no right to kill an innocent baby.

    Now in the case of rape, of course I will make programs to help the mother during the pregnancy and she can give it up for adoption once it's born if she wants.

    The only time I could see abortion is needed is if the mother could die during birth. It is wrong to force the mother to die. But in any other case, abortion is wrong
    If I was president I would work to make things better. The one thing I would do though no matter what everyone else says is that I would ban abortion. I think the unborn need rights too.

    In the case of rape I would set in programs to take care of the mother and she can give it up for adoption if she wants.
    Yeah, it was McCain but he was'nt exactly the best choice either. We need someone like Ronald Regan or Lincoln
    If I had my way, i'd make a healthcare plan where you would be taken care of and given a good life no matter if you have HIV. HIV or not, you're still a person and should be treated like one. But Obama does not agree, his plan would let you die. He's a monster.
    If you had HIV then under Obama's health plan you will be waiting 5-6 months for help and even then they may let you die just so they can save cost. It's treating you like your just a number instead of a person. How is that right?
    Oh...well my mom is kinda the same. But if someone is not really poor they should go to work, and do what is right, instead of being lazy.

    I live with my grandma and I help her around the house. Obama makes me sick, he says that people don't have to choose government run health care but his health care has things in it that pretty much force everyone to choose government health care.

    If he has his way then we will have to wait months for a doctor appointment and people over 75 will be left to die. That's sick and twisted. I wont allow it!
    Did you know he's trying to get congress to pass a bill that says "Any house that is not energy efficent cannot be sold and the family of the house will see a 2.5 tax increase"

    He's punishing people for not going green. Going green should be a choice. Your mom or dad or both will be paying 2.5 higher taxes now
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