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  • ^^

    Lol I never knew such place existed onto now, to be honest. I can see from the pictures :3 Must get painfully humid...
    Aww, thanks :D

    That's good n_n

    Lol, well there's loads of things we could talk about...but I guess we'll go for the basics first~
    Where do you live? :D
    Yeah, you're right. At least I don't have to worry about homework!

    Aw, it looks like you left already. I'll talk to you later!
    well..i would like to keep talking to you, but we barely know each other...sorry...
    Me, too! ;3; Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. This is my long awaited break from school, although I won't get to spend most of it relaxing at home like I'd want to.

    Thanks~ :D
    playing video games and what not. also joined a couple and am looking to start one of my own!
    Xosej! It's been forever since we've gotten to talk! I'm a little overwhelmed, but besides that, I'm doing great!

    How have you been?

    Lol, kk. :p

    Well, I do a lot of things.... *Thinks of where to start..* I read, write, draw, play a few sports, ect. I'm going to be starting an Rp on here with Dream and Skitty soon, an-......My dog just ran into the wall.......Followed by her sister...Then are other dog... xDD
    Happy Valentine's Day!

    To my friend who I don't see enough, Happy Valentine's Day! You're very sweet and interesting, and I love having you as a friend!
    Yeah, I'm enjoying it while it lasts! It can seem all too short, sometimes!

    Relaxing is one of the best ways to enjoy free time~ :3 Especially relaxing with games and anime! xD
    Right! We'll just wait for the other to reply~ :3

    I am! I just got back from school, where I had a big test, but it feels great now that it's over with. :D Now I'm just reading, and I'll start drawing in a bit. How about you?
    It's not that it makes me uncomfortable, I just don't do it, myself. Sorry... Hopefully we're able to catch each other better while we're online. :3
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