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  • ooh, I remember Neo from a few posts. enjoying your summer? I should probably be going out a lot more, myself. but I'm stuck in my comfort zone on my laptop, hehe.
    hello! thanks for repping me for that avatar! I feel bad that I've been on this forum for so long and never talked to you. ˚ᆺ˚ว
    did you have any namechanges?
    Yeah, when I'm done with everything else... ?_`

    Well, yeah, I guess there are still people playing RDR multiplayer because I remember playing the single player one day and there was a message that they award 3x experience points or whatever during that day in multiplayer. But yeah, I didn't check it out so I don't know.
    Bears being stealthy. o3o Appearing out of nowhere and then beating the crap out of you. Haha, it's usually the way that cougars find me and not the other way around, so I just usually played sacrificing game by letting them kill my horse and then they usually sort of stop after that so then slashed them like a maniac. o3o Worked. But I think I managed to kill one from the back of a horse as well.
    Yeah, I've heard the complaints about the gameplay. o3o Hm, but it sounds decent still. I shall consider buying it. `3?

    That's what I've been thinking. That there are probably not so many people playing the multiplayer anymore so it is pretty much useless for me to try to get those trophies anyway.
    The amount of bears is ridiculous. It is more often than not that you have actually three bears that you have to deal with than just one or two. Well, I got the "kill 3 bears each with one shot" challenge quite easily now but still. Sucks. But then again, I find cougars more annoying than bears. Bears you can see pretty well but cougars ... they just jump from somewhere. I hate that challenge where you have to kill cougars with just a knife. I ended up sacrificing many fine horses for that damn challenge. ?__` Oh well. I'd actually need to do that challenge now again... sigh.
    I won't need any DLC that isn't free. `3?
    Well, yeah, told myself that before buying Dark Souls and still, after that I bought like four other games ... and now I'm broke. Money well spent. `3? Mm, yeah, sort of have those type of games in my backlog as well.

    Nier. o3o I've heard quite ... contradictory opinions about it. Is it good?
    I hate playing multiplayers so I'm sort of avoiding those trophies. Just sucks that you can't get Platinum if you don't get multiplayer trophies. Oh well.
    Ugh, annoying. Just now started playing RDR, just doing random things. I get attacked by two bears, I kill them. Then comes the third. It kills my horse but I kill the bear still. Then I start running and whistling for a horse, I hear that there's a bear behind me and it eventually kills me and then there actually was another one behind it. Like wtf. A pack of bears? I always hated it that if you see one bear, you can count on it that there's at least one more. But still, like five bears?
    Well, yeah. UN is probably worth the money. $10 for another game in a sense. o3o But I think DLCs are just for milking money most of the time, haha but the one who sets the price isn't stupid but the one who pays.
    Yeah, I won't give up, I just always rage quit when I die a couple of times. Happens to me while playing Uncharted and pretty much every other game so... `3? I've actually decided that I won't buy any new games until I've finished the games that are still ... unfinished, lol. Got like 6 of them actually. ?_`
    RDR is probably like my favorite game ever. o3o I love pretty much everything about it and it's probably the only game that I started almost immediately replaying after finishing it. And I think I collected almost all the trophies that you can collect by playing the single player. But yeah, you should replay it if you feel like up to it. o3o~ I still find it fresh.
    I bought the GOTY version so yeah. Otherwise I probably wouldn't buy it, being a bit against DLCs and all. But yeah, I guess I'll try it at some point. Whenever I've got more time. And bright daylight, hahaha.
    Yeah, it's alright. c: Yeah, honestly I've been fairly busy myself as well so yeah. And well, the inactivity of tMA is not really helping me to stay online so... o3o I've concentrated on other things for now.

    To be perfectly honest with you, I haven't even touched Dark Souls yet, hahahaha. And I tried Deus Ex the other day again but I sucked ass so I continued playing ... I guess Red Dead Redemption. That's pretty much what I've played the last two months, haha. Actually thought about trying out Undead Nightmare even though I have that slight dislike for zombies. `3?
    Oh no, it's totally fine. If you don't feel like talking to me or whatever, it's alright, lol. But since I like talking to you, I decided to disturb you for once. c:

    Sounds pretty good to me.
    Mm, same old same old for me. Will start my summer vacation tomorrow. Classes ended last Friday but we still have to wrap up our project (which is kinda unfair because every other group's project ended last week so we're sort of working overtime). I will go back to my real home tomorrow for ten days and then come back to my flat. I've got a summer job here so ... o3o yeah. Can't stay in my real home for summer which kinda sucks but oh well.
    *poke* o3o
    So umm, how you doing? c: Thought I'd ask since we haven't talked in ... almost three months I guess.
    I stayed up almost all night playing Journey. I refused to sleep until I beat it. XD
    Oh my god, it it so fun. ;~; I totally adored my first partner and we were being completely ridiculous and we kept making noises. But then that terrible monster thing separated us ;~; My middle partner was lame but my last partner was great. We were on the snow peak and the monster got me, but my partner hid and waited for me to get back to him. Then the same thing happened to him. ;~; BUT WE MADE IT. Okay, sorry for this wall of text. AMAZING GAME. THANK YOU, I LOVED IT. <3
    My bad. xD xD I usually get beyond tired and just sorta turn the comp off and crawl into bed.
    It just kept escalating and I just sorta am a mess of sad because she just starts saying things to hurt your feelings and piss you off after a while.

    I don't know. ;~; I'm just finishing watching this episode and then fleeing to bed. Thank you for caring though. <33
    hey waste sorry for getting pissed off in the moogle army... it's just that I have special significance to the game you made fun of and I'm pretty sure you have something similar right? but yeah, how are you?
    i'm glad ;~;

    waste, i am so short, i'm trying to hook up my bluray player and lead the hdmi cable behind my tv cabinet through a small hole in the back, but i cant because of these short t-rex arms
    i have to ask, where did your avy come from it looks really familiar
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