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Fanfiction ► Knight's journey: Likke of Twilight

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Feb 3, 2007
Where angels lose their way
Great chapter Riku finally stepped up for a change.

thanks haku XD lol about time tiku did so XD

Really cool chapter.:thumbup::thumbsup:

thanks for reading buudy =3 X3


Good chappy gunny^^ like all the moments with riku were written with a bunch of suspense XD NICELY DONE XD ^^^^^^

Brilliant chappy^^

lol why'd you explode?! *uses broom to sweep dust nd use phoenix down* thanks for that buddy XD!!

Good chapter...short, but good.

thanks as well acein... how can you make chapters long?? please answer.... need help =____=

Waoww Riku made a move!XD Great chappie,I almost thought Kairi was a goner!Hehe not really..>__<

if kairi died.. someone's gonna sue... +___+ glad you liked it though XD and..-----> riku made a move! riku made his move!! lol XD


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Feb 3, 2007
Where angels lose their way
Whats so hard about making a chapter thats more than one or two pages in word? The next chapter of Lost Hearts is currently over 7...

im not used to making long chapters =____= is there anyway to remedy this?? the chapters are about one-to-two pgs in word but how to make it longer???

Wow if Kairi was to die the world would really end o_O.

uhm not really... but there's a possibility of being mobbed by a fanboy or fangirl =____=


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Feb 3, 2007
Where angels lose their way
im done!!! yes!! XDXDXDXD oh and please tell on how to improve writting please =3

Chapter Twenty-three

Night came and everybody else was asleep in their respective rooms. Cid was kind enough to lend them the spare empty rooms to stay in for the night. Although Likke and Rue wanted to go out to look for the place Triggerhappy mentioned, Riku and Sora advised they stay until morning and try to figure out where it and what it was first.

Sora, Riku, Rue and Roxas stayed in one room. Kairi had to stay on a separate room which left Namine, Likke and Azura sharing their room. Namine was already fast asleep but that was different for Likke.

Thoughts whirled around her head all on about the place Triggerhappy mentioned. It could possibly the place where they took Collsiea as well.

“Likke?” yawned Azura, rubbing his sleepy, eyes. ”Awen’t you going to get some sweep?”

Likke sat up putting sleepy Azura on her lap. “I just can’t sleep that’s all. With all the events going fast like this… how can I sleep without a worry?”

Azura yawned again much sleepier than a minute ago. “Simpwe… you lay on… youw bed… and…” With that, Azura fell fast asleep. Stress and fatigue finally got the best of him. Likke giggled softly, gently placing him on the bed. She didn’t bother to go back to sleeping and instead went up, turning on a lamp on top of a table near the bed. Light flickered softly from the lamp, illuminating the small yet comfy room. Namine moved a bit but stayed asleep, covering her head with the blanket.

“I’ll just take a little stroll… it might do me some good.” Likke thought.

The doorknob turned as the door opened. It creaked while Likke pushed it wide enough to walk out from. Seeing that the corridor was dimly lit, she made sure not to trip or fall over something which could wake everyone.

After what seemed to be ten minutes of walking, Likke noticed a faint light up ahead. It was the room where Cid discussed the problem before the first time they got to Hollow Bastion. A man with dark brown hair wearing a black top with black pants stood silently. A scar on his face caught her attention. His head then shifted to the side, looking straight at Likke.

“Oh, how long have you been there?” he asked.

Likke felt nervous. She thought of how to answer but ended up getting even more nervous. “Uhm… not really. I uhm… kinda just was walking and stuff.”

“Hey, Leon who are you-” Yuffie then came in the scene. She then spotted Likke- nervous and uncomfortable.

“Hey there! You’re Likke right?” she said cheerfully, in her happy manner.

“Uhm yeah.” Likke replied, twirling her hair. “You’re busy so I think I’ll-”

Yuffie grabbed Likke by the shoulders and forced to sit on a chair.

“Hey now! You can stay here. It’s not like were doing something secret. Right, Cid?”

Cid replied but his eyes remained glued to the large monitor in front of him. He continued to monitor and watch out for any heartless attacks. Also, he was also trying to search for anything related to the place Triggerhappy mentioned before.

Aerith, holding two mugs filled with cocoa, gave one to Likke.

“Thanks.” Likke said, drinking the cocoa. “It tastes good.”

Aerith smiled then went back to fix some more.

Everybody afterwards became busy: Yuffie went out responding to a report on heartless attacks, Cid still checked out information in his computer; Leon also went out but nobody knew exactly where he was going and Aerith sat down in a corner reading a book. Nothing was going on which interested Likke. Her head bobbed up and down; eyes going heavy. Slowly, her vision became blurry. Inevitably, Likke fell asleep.


A swift breeze blew along with a scent of heathers scattered on a peaceful prairie. The sky, cerulean blue in color, stayed unchanged; it’s beauty like a painting.

The soft grass gently stroked against Likke’s face. She got up yawning and stretching out her arms. Her eyes widened at the scenery. It was the most beautiful thing she had seen in her life. But Likke knew it wasn’t real- an alternate reality; a dream.

Likke… a voice called.

Likke turned around. A big smile etched on her face. She couldn’t believe the person in front of her. Her short blonde hair, bluish eyes, gentle smile and pink dress- it was Collsiea alright.

Likke ran fast as possible on the field. She then hugged Collsiea tight as possibly as she could.

“Hey what’s up with you?” Collsiea giggled. “Not like we haven’t seen in years you know.”

“You’re okay! Well in this dream anyway…” Likke replied, “but why are you here? How’d you manage to get in my head?”

Collsiea scratched the back of her head, “Well for one it wasn’t easy and I don’t have much time.” Her voice started to soften, as if she was afraid.

“I’m not sure how long I can stay in your dream. So listen carefully to what I’m going to say.”


Word by word Likke carefully listened making sure that she couldn’t miss a single thing. According to Collsiea, the group which took her hasn’t been active for sometime, excluding the heartless activity still going on around the worlds. She also mentioned that thankfully Mason, the group’s leader, has not been able to use any of her powers.

“I see… but why haven’t they used your powers yet?”

Collsiea grinned, “I-can’t-tell-you.”

Likke pouted, “Eh… even now you’re still the same.”

The sky then became hazy. Its color turned from blue to black along with the prairie vanishing. Likke started to panic- the dream seemed to end soon. Collsiea’s hand grabbed firmly on Likke’s, leaving a secure feeling.

“Don’t worry, Li. We’ll see each other soon… Very soon.”


Back in the real world…

“Mmmm… Collsiea… wait…” Likke softly murmured. She sat straight rubbing her eyes. After a few seconds of staring blankly, Likke shook her head, now wide awake.

“Oh crap!” her voice loudly spoke, her hands slapping against her face. “Can’t just sit here. Have to tell Rue what happened.” She stood up too fast which caused the chair to fall and crash.

Cid got startled at the crashing noise, “What the?!”

“Ah sorry! Got to go!”

Miraculously, Likke didn’t trip running on the narrow, dimly lit corridor. She then reached the room they were staying, and opened it loudly.

“…Likke?” Sora got up, eyes half closed. “What’s the-”

She ignored Sora and went straight to Rue’s bed. Rue grunted a bit before waking from Likke’s frantic voice.

“What’s up with you?” Rue replied yawning. He then managed to stay awake and noticed Likke’s flushed face. Sweat dripped down her neck, her eyes serious.

“Okay listen. I dunno how or why but Collsiea appeared in my dream. And I’m not joking.”


“You gotta believe me on this one. It really happened. I saw her!”

“Likke I-”

“Oh come on! Can’t you take me seriously this time?!”

“Aaah can ‘ya listen and stop yabbing?!” Rue said cutting her off. “I believe you. She came in mine too. And…”

Rue then held out his hand and showed it to Likke. It was a small object, purple in color. She stared at it, figuring out what it could be.

“Uh... what IS that?” she asked, pointing at it.

Sora recognized the object and said, “That’s a navigation gummi. It contains navigation data for a gummi ship.”

“Our ticket to Collsiea.” Rue answered, sounding confident.

Likke smiled, “Now we can go and save her.”

“Then we should get going.”, Riku added.


An ominous black smoke formed and vanished quickly, revealing a wooden mannequin. Its head bowed down, kneeling in front of Antique.

“So… were you successful?” she asked in her satisfied yet wicked voice.

The mannequin nodded its head bringing even more satisfaction.

“Good work my servant… now things shall be…”

A wicked and cruel smile formed on her doll like face.

“…very interesting. Very interesting indeed.”


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Feb 3, 2007
Where angels lose their way
okay.. sorry about the double post but here's the chapter :3 couldnt make it long enough T__T

Chapter Twenty-four:

“I’m done with my supplies. How are you doing with yours Rue?” Likke asked, stuffing a small bag with a few potions and elixirs. Azura offered to help Likke with her items and things were organized. She never managed to be too orderly.

It was only a matter of minutes before they were to set out. Cid lent them a ship, already upgraded with the navigation gummi, to travel with since theirs was still back at Twilight Town.

“I’m already done. You better make sure you have all you need.” replied Rue, “I’m not bailing you out if you get in some sort of trouble.”

“Excuse me; I can take care of myself thank you.” Likke answered, sticking her tongue.

“… whatever.”

Rue then stood up and left the room. Likke started shouting at him but Rue completely ignored her. She, with Azura’s help, then crammed her items; made sure none was missing, grabbed Azura, and ran after Rue. He didn’t run but he was already far from her.

“Heeeey!!! Wait for meeee!!!!!”


Inside a realm of darkness…

Triggerhappy sat by herself, alone in the dark, lonely space of nothingness. Deep in her thoughts, her past surfaced inside her heart. Her memories of her somewhat loving past and how her happiness shattered all came back in vivid visions.

The last moments of the past seven years then haunted her. Her head began to ache, and her vision slowly became distorted. As immediately the pain was felt, it vanished just as instantly.

She tried to sit back straight, rubbing her hand against her forehead. Beads of sweat dripped down her face.

So, are you heading there? A voice echoed.

“Sure am. After all these years, I thought we finished him. This time… I’ll get him.” replied Triggerhappy, taking deep breaths.

Revenge only deepens one’s grudge. It can never bring peace. Not even for him.

“Since when have you been able to order me? Bear in mind that you don’t have authority over me.”

…As you wish, I won’t stop you. But as your origin, I only worry for your future- your destiny.

She got up, and replied, “Thanks for the concern.”

A portal then formed in front of her.

“It’s time I head to that place. Whether for vengeance or not… I’ll fight.” After speaking Triggerhappy went into the portal and vanished.

Then… I just hope that you find what you yearn for.


“Guys, we’re going now.” shouted Sora.

Rue and Likke ran as fast as they could. Both tried to surpass each other and ended up falling face down.

“Oww…”, groaned Likke.

“This is your fault.”

“Rue?!” complained Likke, “As if. I saw you push me.“

“Those two never stop bickering, do they?” murmured Donald as he headed to the ship.

Likke stuck her tongue out and headed to the ship. Once she was inside she noticed Kairi, Namine and Roxas weren’t there.

“Kairi still needs rest.” said Riku. He leaned back against the ship’s wall.

“Roxas and Namine volunteered to stay behind and take care of her while we’re gone.”

“Oh. No wonder.”, she thought.

“Something wrong?”

Likke shook her head, “Ah nothing, nothing. Say have you seen Sora?”

“He’s over there.” Riku pointed towards the driver seat.

“Thanks Riku.” she smiled, then went to Sora.

Sora was sitting on the seat, tinkering with some controls. He made sure that everything would go smoothly with their trip. He seemed busy until Likke called him.

“Hi Sora.” she chirped, “Are you busy?”

“Well not anymore.”, he replied. ”What’s up?”

Likke took out a star-shapped object and handed it to Sora. It was composed of five, pink sea shells tied together.

“Hey. It’s Kairi’s lucky charm!” he exclaimed, taking it from her hand, “Why is this with you?”

“You see…”


“Likke? Can I ask you a favor?” Kairi asked.

“Sure. What is it?”

Kairi handed her an object made of pink sea shells.

“It’s a lucky charm made out of Thallasa shells.” She replied. “I want you to hand this to Sora.”

“These are pretty. Did you make them?”

“Yes. Could you give them to Sora?” Kairi continued to ask. “And tell him for me to take care?”

Like smiled and gave thumbs up. “You bet!”


Sora blushed after hearing Likke’s explanation. He held the lucky charm tightly in his hand and placed it on his pocket. “Thanks.”

Likke grinned, “No problem.”

Moments later, they took off. Likke waved Yuffie and the other good-bye through the window. When they were outside of Traverse town, she gazed outside. Her eyes widened with amazement. She now just realized that never in her whole life she could be able to travel to other worlds.

When she placed her hands in her pockets, her bracelet made noises as it rubbed against the small skirt pocket. She took her hand out, examining the beautiful hand-made gift.

“Collsiea… We’re almost there… we’ll save you.” She then folded her arms, resting her head. “I promise…”


Avorquin stopped in his tracks. His eyes glanced around.

“Something doesn’t feel right.”

Song turned her head to the side. “Huh? What do you mean?”

“It’s like someone’s watching you.” His voice lowered. “I don’t really feel comfy around here.”

Song shrugged. “Must be your imagination, Avvie.”

Avorquin sighed. After all, Song could be right but he still had this feeling…

Song then screeched, her hand slapped on her forehead.

“Aahhck! I forgot that I’m in charge of spreading the heartless on the worlds.” She nervously said. “Avvie got to go! Everyone’s gonna kill me.”

Song went on her way, leaving Avorquin in disbelief. He knew how forgetful she could be but it amazes him. Although he sometimes wonders how on earth Song could ever be in their group on the first place.

Avorquin began walking, lost in thought. He failed to be attentive and bumped into someone. He angrily scowled at the person in front of him not realizing who it was.

“Watch it squirt.” The person turned out to be Hito. His eyebrows narrowed, with a frown forming on his serious face.

“Oh, it’s you.” Avorquin muttered. His eyes rolling to the side, avoiding eye contact.

“Get lost.” Hito pushed Avorquin aside and stormed off. He didn’t have time for anyone right now. All that mattered now were his plans.

“Everything ends here, once and for all.”
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