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Fanfiction ► Knight's journey: Likke of Twilight

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Mar 27, 2007
Great start to it so far, I look forward into reading the continued part when it comes.


Mar 27, 2007
Yeah I was confused about the whole "lemons'' thing too o_O, I can't wait to see what the final outcome would be.


Mar 27, 2007
Oh that's alright I can wait the more the length the more ideas it showed that you came up with.


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Feb 3, 2007
Where angels lose their way
the next chappie =3 thanks for bearing and please comment kindly ^^;

Chapter Twenty-two:

Likke shot up, starting to run. There was no time to waste. Any kind of delay might be too late. Azura tried to follow, hopping as fast as he… or it could. Reaching the exit, Likke stopped frozen at the sight before her.

“Darn you!” Rage rushed through Triggerhappy. A bang then emitted out of her gun, ending Draix’s life.

Triggerhappy’s actions were not as horrible as Kairi’s state. Kairi was shot near the shoulder and lay unconscious on the ground. She then, shook violently; eyes going blank.

“It’s no good.” said triggerhappy, examining Kairi. “The bullet’s filled with a kind of neurotoxic poison. She might… Likke? Have you been standing there?”

Eyes shifted to Likke, standing still, beads of sweat falling from her forehead.

“Kairi… is she…” Likke paused. The exact words choked her; it was too much.

Triggerhappy’s eye avoided contact with Likke’s, “… If we don’t treat her soon… she will.”

“No!” refused Likke, ”didn’t you heal me before when he poisoned me? Why can’t you now?”

Triggerhappy looked away from her.

“Most of my strength got used on traveling here by portal. I’ll need a lot of energy to cure the poison. I’m sorry…”

Sora turned pale. He held Kairi’s hand, still shaking violently. “Isn’t there any way to save her?”

“There might be a chance if we could take her to a place that could tend her wound, and the rest will be up to me.”

Riku then glanced at Rue, “Rue can you use the portal again? I can’t do them anymore.”

Rue frowned, his head shook, “My portals can only lead to Mystdia. Collsiea… and Hito are the only ones I know that can.”

After moments, Azura finally caught up. The bells attached to his jester hat jingled as he panted.

“Likke?” asked Azura looking at her, “What’s wong?”

Likke lifted Azura off the ground, holding him tightly.

“Oh Azura… what should we do? Kairi’s gonna die if we don’t take her somewhere to heal. There’s no way we can get her out of here.”

Azura turned at Kairi, then patted Likke’s arm.

“I can!” chirped Azura. “I can use me powtal. You can save hew.”

Light radiated from Azura, covering everything in light. Then, they were nowhere to be found within the Mystdian castle.


“I-Impossible! This can’t be…”

Mason turned pale. He took deep breaths to calm down, trying his best not to panic.

This must be a mistake. He thought.

He flicked his fingers causing the chamber to open. Entering it, he grabbed Collsiea by the neck. With his free hand, which turned pale white and transparent, Mason checked to see if his fear was true. His now transparent hand went through Collsiea, only to find out her heart was nowhere to be found.

“It can’t be… how could’ve this happened?!”

Anger and confusion rushed in him. How on earth could he have allowed this to happen? His hand then let go of Collsiea’s still unconscious body, mercilessly leaving her once again in the chamber.

Rushing out as fast as he could, Mason headed to the Clandestine archives. Beads of sweat dripped down, he began pulling out books out of their respective shelves.

“… Wonderful… simply wonderful.”

His fist slammed against the wooden shelf, causing it to collapse. The book he needed was missing; Collsiea’s heart was gone… what else could interfere?


“…That should do it.” Triggerhappy said, wiping her forehead.

Kairi slept comfortably on a bed. A bandage covered her gunshot wound. Luckily, Azura’s portal transported them back to Hollow Bastion making it possible to save her in time.

“She’ll feel dizzy for awhile but she’s out of the danger.”

“Thanks a lot.” Sora replied, gently smiling.

Meanwhile outside…

“Azura you didn’t mention you could use portals,” said Likke, hugging Azura. “, but thanks. You saved Kairi!”

Azura blushed, “I twy…”

Triggerhappy, along with Sora, came out of the spare room Cid lent them.

“Kairi’s going to be fine. But she’ll need some ‘alone’ time to rest.” Afterwards, she then went on her way.

“Hey wait!” stuttered Likke, ”where are you disappearing now?”

Triggerhappy turned her head slightly to the side, her eye looking straight at Likke. “If you want to get the people who are causing everything… I suggest you go to the ‘castle overlooked by shadow’. You’ll find them there.”

Triggerhappy brushed off her hair, then went off again.

“Castle overlooked by shadow? What in blazes could that mean?” murmured Rue, scratching the back of his head.

Riku held Likke’s hand, “Even if we don’t know, we better get ready. Just in case.”

Likke’s eyes looked straight at Riku’s, her hand holding his tight, “… yeah.”
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