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Rozen Maiden: The Alice Game (Sign-ups and OOC)

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Jul 17, 2006
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The Alice Game. It is a game the Rozen Maidens (a collection of dolls) play for the right to meet their creator who they call “Father,” none have ever seen his face before, or at least from what they can remember. I’ve asked others about these strange dolls, but most people believe the Rozen Maidens to be myths.

I’m sorry, it’s a possibility that you are unaware of the dolls of which I speak. They are living dolls that can think, feel and speak almost like they were humans. Believe me I’ve seen them before; I have the fifth Rozen Maiden, Shinku. Other dolls have come to live with me, Suiseiseki, Souseiseki (they are twin sisters) and Hina Ichigo.

Suigintou is the First of the Rozen Maidens, she is also incomplete; I almost feel sorrow for her. The other three dolls, the Third, Fourth and Sixth respectively, are Shinku’s fallen sisters. They need to be restored but I don’t know how to do it. I will find a way to return Hinaichigo and Souseiseki’s Rosa Mysticas.

Now the question is if you come across one of the Rozen Maidens, will you wind? Or not wind?

-Our Goal-

What we're doing is completing the story from where the series left off. The Alice game was never completed so we are going to complete it.


-All KHInsider Rules apply! KHInsider Forums Rules
-No Power Playing!
-Keep it PG-13! We can have special moments in the RP, even romance, but don't be graphic.
If the post is something you wouldn't want your mother to read then don't post it!
-I reserve my right to kick you out of this Role Play at anytime IF I deem it necessary!
-Have Fun!


Number in the collection: (only if it's one of the dolls)
Appearance: (a picture is acceptable especially if it's a character from the anime)
Biography: (If it's a medium it should include how they found their doll)


Jun Sakurada – Spyells

Shinku - Skitty Cat
Suiseiseki - animefreak!

Other Characters

My Template:

Name: Jun Sakurada
Appearance: Jun Sakurada
Personaltiy: Jun use to be very cold and rude to others. He actually has a kind heart but chooses not to let his emotions show. Over time however, Jun became more kind after being around Shinku and the other dolls. He now shows more of his emotions and he cares for Shinku and the dolls deeply.
Biography: Jun is a hikikomori (someone who has suffered a traumatizing event and isolates himself from society) and we first meet him in his room being unkind to his sister, Nori. Jun’s hobby use to be buying mostly fake and magical items from the internet and returning them before he had to pay. One day he receives a contract from Holie, Shinku’s spirit, to wind or not wind her up. Assuming this to be some kind of a joke, Jun circles yes he will wind and places the letter in his top drawer.

A short time later, Jun trips over a box with a rose on the top to discover a doll inside. Inside the box was Shinku, the fifth Rozen Maiden doll. Jun inspects her and then winds her up. After Shinku has awoken, she slaps Jun for mishandling her and inspecting her without her permission. But before Jun can really analyze the situation, a toy clown (sent by Sugintou) arrives to kill him. Shinku makes Jun swear to be her servant and then she protects him from the doll. Now Jun is her medium, the person in which she draws her energy from.

Jun also seems to posses some of the same powers as Rozen. He can bring back the dolls soul and it is said by Shinku that when Jun sews it is like watching magic happen. Jun is also able to master being the medium of three dolls at once. This is unusual because most people can barely handle one doll. Jun has gotten better from his illness of being a hikikomori and is now working on his studies going to the library frequently to catch up. He hopes to go back to school soon.

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Sep 14, 2006
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It's alright Oreo, just make the template and post it.

Name: Shinku

Number in the collection: 5th

Appearance: Shinku

Personality: Shinku can be cold and insensitive, but in truth she is very protective, and cares deeply for Jun and her sisters. Calm, Shinku doesn't really let things bother her, but when something does she tends to hide it from everyone. Lecturing, she loves Kun Kun, books, cookies and tea. Although she won't admit it, deep down Shinku has feelings for her medium, Jun Sakurada. She has a stubborn streak in her, often surfacing when it comes to the Alice Game or Jun. She is also extremely devoted to Father, but she can't help but feel lonely do to a lost friend.

Biography: Shinku came to live with the Sakurada family after her artificial spirit, Holie, came and asked Jun the infamous question: Will you wind or not wind? She had a medium before Jun, the girl's name was Sara, and it was from her encounter with a cat than that caused Shinku to be terrified of them and call them foul creatures; the cause for the fear was that one had nearly swallowed her wind-up key.

She had befriended the eldest of the sisters, Suigintou, at this time too. Teaching her many basics of life skills, walking and brewing tea are only a few; but their friendship ended when Suigintou, angry at her for believing that Shinku didn't care about her, destroyed the brooch that Father gave her. They didn't have time to complete the Alice Game than, because La Place arrived and forced her and the other awakened maidens into their cases.

When Jun awakened her, she slapped him and scolded him for handling her the wrong way; afterwards she turned around and said she couldn’t believe she would have to live in a messy room. Ordering him to make her some tea, she put it on hold when a toy clown arrived to kill him; Shinku gave him the option of becoming her servant in return she would save his life.

Agreeing to it, Shinku used some of Jun's energy to bring to life two dolls and had them calm down the clown. After they had the little toy under control, Shinku went to leave the room, ordering Jun to open the door and make her tea. One by one her sisters visited the house, only two remained at the house, Hina Ichigo and Suiseiseki.

She fought and defeated Suigintou again, the first of the Rozen Maidens. Between this and Jun, she started to shift her views about the Alice Game. She met with Barasuishou; she was deceived into thinking that the Alice Game had truly begun. Shinku hid this from Suiseiseki, Souseiseki and Hina Ichigo for a little while; that was until Souseiseki had enough and forced Shinku to tell her what was going on that had her like this.

Barasuishou dragged all the dolls into the N-Field or a form of it, there they fought it out until only Shinku and Barasuishou, the false Seventh doll, remained. She was ready to finish the mocker's life, but hesitated when Jun asked her to stop. Distracted by her medium's request, she didn't see the shard of purple crystal that Barasuishou had until she sent it through her.

Defeated, Shinku surrendered her Rosa Mystica to the imposter and lay motionless. It was only because of Rozen that she; Suigintou, Suiseiseki and Kaniara were brought back. It was also at that time that Rozen told Shinku that there’s another way to become Alice, one that wasn’t so violent and that there was a way to restore Hina Ichigo and Souseiseki, but he’d leave it to her to figure out.

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Sep 14, 2006
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@Oreo: The one's that Rozen created there are seven maidens. I'll list them in the order they were made.

Suigintou, Eternal Dream has called her, she is also incomplete.

Kanaria - free


Souseiseki - Rosa Mystica, or life force, has been stolen

Shinku - Skitty Cat

Hina Ichigo - Rosa Mystica missing.

Kirakishou - free

Rozen's jealous apprentice Enju created one too.

Barasuishou - Crumbled into pieces because she couldn't hold the Rosa Mysticas.

Those are the known dolls, but there is also La Place if you want him. <- He has taught me to never trust a white rabbit in a suit that has red eyes!

@anime: Put up a template for Suiseiseki; Spy and me will let you know afterward, 'kay? That's if it's alright with you Spy.


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Jun 24, 2009
number in the collection:3rd

personality:in the beginning shy nervous and doesn't like humans,then later on
Caring,short tempered,easily scared of strange noises,devious,wild imagination
llikes to tell lies to hinaichigo for fun
in japanese likes to use the word desu,adores the spotlight,and a bit of a cry baby

she is Souseiseki's older twin who are both reffered to as gardeners because of their abilities to communicate help tend to plants and even the "soul trees"of humans.Suiseiseki was the 3rd doll to now live with shinku,jun,and hina ichigo,she loathes jun because he is a human,how this happened is her case flinged through the inwdowbut inside she really does care for him but she tries to cover it up.
also suiseiseki stands out more then any other of the dolls because she values her sisters love more than the alice game and has no intentions of becoming alice.Suiseiseki also has tried to tend to jun's soul tree but it only helped a litte.

{spoiler}Suiseiseki later on attempts attempts to protect Kanaria from Barasuishou's crystal stakes, and is crystallized for her trouble and her Rosa Mystica seized. Suiseiseki was revived by Rozen in the träumend finale and is last seen watching "Detective Kun Kun" along with Nori and the lifeless forms of Souseiseki and Hinaichigo

sorry if this is no good i can't really think of a lot to say
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