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The product of the bugs that plague the Datascape, these take the shape of blocks and appeared seemingly out of nowhere when King Mickey digitizes the journal Jiminy had used to record the events of the first adventure. Throughout his journey, Data Sora must destroy the obstacles these blocks have formed in order to proceed further to solve the mystery of the message "Their hurting will be mended when you return to end it."

[Heartless]  [Bugs]

Normal Blox

ノーマルブロック (Normal Block)

Can be broken with one hit. Has a 30% chance of releasing HP prizes or Munny when broken.

Hard Blox

ハードブロック (Hard Block)

Same basic nature as normal blox. Can be broken with three hits.

Metal Blox

メタルブロック (Metal Block)

Unbreakable, unmovable blox. Attacking one will cause Sora to stagger.

Prize Blox

プライズブロック (Prize Block)

Can be broken with one hit. They release prizes or item boxes when broken.

Rare Prize Blox

レアプライズブロック (Rare Prize Block)

Can be broken with three hits. They release predetermined item boxes when broken. They appear only in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, in the role normally filled by Treasure Chests. When a rare prize blox's contents have been obtained, it will be replaced with a regular prize blox on return visits.

Bounce Blox

バウンドブロック (Bound Block)

Unbreakable blox that bounce you back on contact. They can be jumped on to reach high places. They appear only in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

Ghost Blox

ゴーストブロック (Ghost Block)

Unbreakable blox that pop in and out of existence at regular intervals. While fully visible, they can be used as stepping stones, but while they are transparent, you will walk or fall right through them. They appear only in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

Slider Blox

スライドブロック (Slide Block)

Unbreakable blox that slide across the ground when struck. They appear only in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

Danger Blox

ダメージブロック (Danger Block)

Blox that inflict damage of 10% maximum HP on contact. Can be broken with one hit. They are colored red in Kingdom Hearts coded and yellow in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

Blast Blox

ボムブロック (Bomb Block)

Blox that explode 3 seconds after being touched or immediately after being struck. The explosion sets off nearby blast blox in a chain reaction and destroys all nearby breakable blox. When caught in the explosion, Sora takes damage of 20% maximum HP, Eliminators take 12.5% maximum HP, Core Blox take 30% maximum HP, and all other enemies are instantly destroyed. They appear only in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

Magnet Blox

マグネブロック (Magnet Block)

Unbreakable blox that will draw you towards them when you stand in front of their glowing faces. The sides that are darkened have no effect. Only affects Sora. They appear only in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

Pair Blox

ペアブロック (Pair Block)

Blox that appear in pairs. Separately, they have the same behavior as slider blox. When paired blox are struck into each other, they fuse into a prize blox. They appear only in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

Rare Pair Blox

レアペアブロック (Rare Prize Block)

Has the same basic nature as regular pair blox. Paired blox fuse into a rare prize blox. On subsequent visits, they are replaced with regular pair blox. They appear only in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

Blox Bug

ブロックバグ (Block Bug)

Heartless that pose as blox, biding their time until careless passersby wander just a little too close.

Danger Bug

ダメージバグ (Damage Bug)

Heartless that pose as danger blox. Just touching them will harm you, so keep your distance when you fight.

Prize Bug


Heartless that pose as prize blox, but they don't stick around for long. When threatened, they scramble hither and thither, and eventually disappear. If you want to defeat one, do it quickly.

Metal Bug


Heartless that pose as metal blox. They have high Defense, so try to sneak in as many attacks as you can while their guard is down.

Core Blox

コアブロック (Core Block)

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