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The Keyblade is a mystical weapon obtainable only by those with a strong heart and sufficient power. Throughout his adventure, Sora acquires various keychains to transform his Keyblade and grow stronger, and sees various others not unlike his own.

Kingdom Key

キングダムチェーン (Kingdom Chain)

The keychain originally attached to your Keyblade. Its powers will serve you in countless battles.

Lady Luck

ラストリゾート (Last Resort)

A Keyblade that restores HP when you block. Its powers negatively affect enemy status.


パワーオブヒーロー (Power of Hero)

A combo-mod Keyblade capable of powerful blows. Its powers let you smash through enemy defenses.

Three Wishes

デザイアーランプ (Desire Lamp)

A combo-mod Keyblade capable of a string of hits. Its powers will bring you great treasure.

Wishing Star

ウィッシュスター (Wish Star)

A Keyblade that is capable of swift strikes. Its powers will automatically keep you safe.



A combo-mod Keyblade capable of a blur of hits. Its powers assist those who seek supreme speed.


約束のお守り (Oath's Charm)

A Keyblade that will guard you from many hurts. Its powers help accelerate your growth.


過ぎ去りし思い出 (Passing Memories)

A Keyblade that rewards wielders who share its hurt. Its powers will draw out your full potential.



A Keyblade newly wrought within the datascape. Its powers render all opponents helpless.

Metal Chocobo


A combo-mod Keyblade capable of crushing blows. Its powers assist those who seek supreme strength.

Ultima Weapon


An incredible Keyblade with a wealth of abilities. Its powers let you fell enemies at a single stroke.

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