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The Heartless are a dangerous enemy that plague the ocean of worlds. Throughout his adventure, Data Sora discovers many different types of enemies that stand in his path, those that sought the hearts of all in order to feed the darkness.

[Heartless]  [Bugs]



Heartless which lurk here, there, and everywhere. They hide themselves beneath their own shadows as they draw close to their prey, then lash out with sharpened claws. Don't want to get caught shadowboxing? Then wait till they surface to strike.



Strangely perky Heartless which show up just about anywhere you look (as well as a few places you don't). They lunge at the first prey they spot.

Large Body


Plump Heartless whose big, round bellies bounce back most attacks. To take these jiggle-tanks down, you'll need to slip underneath them when they jump, then strike from behind.

Red Nocturne


Spell-slinging Heartless that float on the breeze, but that doesn't mean they're a breeze to take down. Keep your distance and they'll try to toast you with Fire magic; get too close and they'll run away. Good thing they don't have much HP.

Yellow Opera


Floating, spell-slinging Heartless - but don't fall for the friendly ghost act. They will zap you with Thunder magic at the first chance they get, and zoom away if you try to go after them. Good thing they don't have much HP.

Blue Rhapsody


Spell-slinging Heartless who like to chill in midair. Their other hobby; chilling YOU with Blizzard magic - and don't expect them to sit still if you try to chase them down. Good thing they don't have much HP.

Green Requiem


Spell-slinging Heartless that drift in midair, ready to cast Cure magic if one of their cohorts' HP drifts into the red. They can heal themselves, too, and will try to flee if you attack them. Good thing they don't have much HP.



Heartless who hang their hats in Agrabah. Don't let them trick you into rushing in blindly - those long swords they carry aren't just for show. Take your time and fight them on your terms.

Fat Bandit


Tubby tough guys who show up in Agrabah. These Heartless balance offense and defense, flinging fire one moment and belly-bouncing back your attacks the next. While formidable opponents, they are anything but fast, and leave themselves wide open if you know where to strike.

Air Soldier


Winged Heartless that can strike from midair. Don't let their frantic flying throw you off; be patient and eventually you'll spot your chance to attack.



Large, flying Heartless that drive straight at their prey from above. Unfortunately, "the bigger they are" doesn't apply here; Wyverns move fast and mean business. Hit them with magic, though, and you can reduce their altitude, bringing them down within reach of a jumping attack.



Heartless that tote eerie shields which bite at you, cast Fire and Blizzard - and, of course, repel your attacks. Thankfully, Defenders are slow and easy to get the jump on.



Heartless hewn from the very shadows. Usually they just waft through the air, but they can be annoyingly unpredictable, bobbing around erratically or charging right at you without a moment's warning.

Black Fungus


Tough-as-tacks Heartless that boost their Defense and produce puffs of poison when struck. Good luck defeating one - but lucky you if you do!



Powerful Heartless equipped with long, hefty swords. They can levitate and move swiftly through the air. Magic will slow them down, but be careful when you move in for the strike. Get too eager and Invisibles will counterattack - and boy, does it hurt when they do.



Heartless with a knack for magic. Fire? Check. Blizzard? Yup. Thunder? You bet. Wizards are pros at all of it, but they do have one fatal flaw: low HP.

Angel Star


Aerial Heartless that are capable of firing off a number of offensive magics. However, with low HP, these "angels" are quick to fall.

Gold Tricholoma


A rare Heartless. On the off chance you do find one, it will flee left and right and soon disappear if you don't keep it in your clutches. They're not easy to defeat - but rewards await if you do.



The kind of Heartless nightmares are made of. In addition to having high Strength, it can use its shield to repel attacks, and it will teleport after you if you try to create some distance. Attempt this fight knowing that it may be your last.



A giant, heavy-hitting Heartless that tried to put Sora's lights out. And while Sora triumphed over the Darkside, he wasn't ready for the downside: getting swept into the dark torrent that ensued.

Guard Armor


The hulking head honcho of the Heartless haunting Traverse Town. Before you can say that five time fast, this brute will have already blasted you with its powerful cannon, so keep your eyes peeled: if it assumes a defensive stance, rush in there first and clobber the creep with a combo.



The Heartless responsible for the memory mix-up in Wonderland. Its fiery juggling and uncanny ability to turn space topsy-turvy gave Sora a run for his money. Wait for an opening, than use projectiles to put a frown on this clown.



A slow and lumbering Heartless—and be thankful for that, because the power at its command is tremendous. Be especially careful not to get trampled.

Sora's Heartless (Neo Darkside)

ソラ・ハートレス (ネオダークサイド) [Sora Heartless (Neo Darkside)]

Sora's Heartless, who has gained incredible power within the confines of the datascape. He can dive underground and then reemerge for a brutal attack, so stay on your toes and be ready to dodge.

Sora's Heartless

ソラ・ハートレス (Sora Heartless)

Sora's Heartless, empowered further within the datascape. Faced with countless Keyblades and ruthless attacks, Sora had to struggle just to stay in the fight.

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