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Japanese Release Date - Episodic | October 10 2010
North American Release Date - January 11 2011
PAL Release Date - January 14 2010
System - Mobile Phones | Nintendo DS

Jiminy was surprised to find a mysterious message in one of his journals, which was supposed to be blank: “Their hurting will be mended when you return to end it.”

To help better understand the message King Mickey created a “datascape” from the worlds within the journal. But the datascape was riddled with bugs, and the king had to rely on the digital version of Sora to debug the journal from the inside.

While exploring the Destiny Islands datascape, a figure in a black coat explained that uncovering the “Keyholes” was the only way to mend the worlds. Sora found the Keyhole in Traverse Town, and used it to reach the next world.

As he did, a new message appeared in the journal back at Disney Castle… and the king was alarmed to discover the castle had been invaded by Heartless! Worse yet, he and the other were now trapped in the library.

Again, Sora came face–to–face with the figure in the black coat. And this time, when he followed the stranger, he found himself in the same room as King Mickey and the others. How had they wound up in the same place?

The figure in the black coat turned out to be a digital version of Riku, who explained what was going on. He had been chosen by the journal as a backup storage to protect its data. Now Riku and the journal were one and the same, and he had brought Mickey and the others into the datascape to help solve the mysterious message.

Just then, someone took over the pathway between the datascape and the real world. There was no way out! Sora set off to repair more worlds and secure a way home for his friends.

It turned out Maleficent and her henchman Peter were the culprits. They were plotting to release the darkness inside the datascape into the real world. Sora tried to stop her, but she destroyed his Keyblade and kidnapped Riku.

The King went after Riku, and Sora went after the king. Sora’s friendship with Donald and Goofy gave him the power to recreate the Keyblade.

Pete had infected Riku with bugs and tried to put the two friends against each other, but after a short fight, the infected Riku collapsed. Sora dove into Riku’s datascape to save his friend, and defeated Maleficent inside.

However, it wasn’t until he took out his own Heartless – the original bug which was threatening to delete the whole datascape – that the journal was finally restored. But because restoring the journal was tantamount to overwriting all record of this newest journey, Data Sora and King Mickey had to say good-bye.

However, the mysterious messages was still a mystery. Back in the realm world, King Mickey and the others received a message from Data Riku that “extra data” had been found. They would need Data Sora’s help one last time.

The extra data was a special world designed to make Sora learn how to cope with hurt. When Data Sora was finally able to accept that hurt, Naminé appeared before him.

She explained that inside him were special memories that belonged to people connected to the real Sora – people who were hurting. The mysterious message was her way of reaching out to him and preparing him for that truth.

King Mickey promised Naminé that they would undo all the hurt. Back in the real world, he wrote a letter to the real Sora and explained there were others out there that only Sora could save.

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