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100 Acre Wood

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977)

The 100 Acre Wood is a magical place, unlike any other world. It is, in fact, a book, one Sora can step into. He did so in the past, and thus became friends with Winnie the Pooh and his infamous group of animal friends.

Having helped Pooh in the past to find his missing friends, Sora is more than eager to be reunited with the bear when the wizard Merlin brings him face to face with the book once more. All too eager, Sora enters the book, yet his long awaited reunion with Pooh is interrupted when the world is frozen and he's flung out from between the pages. The Heartless came for the book, and managed to tear asunder the pages before Sora fended them off. Upon reentering the world, he finds out the consequences of the awful event. Not only is most of the world and its inhabitants gone, so are Pooh's Memories of them. Regardless of their friendship, Pooh can't seem to remember Sora, or any of his other friends! In order to save the world and bring Pooh's Memories back, Sora must recover the stolen pages, but as those are scattered across the worlds, he has little choice but to leave for the time being.

The pages begin showing up before too long, and the first area inside the book Sora regains access to is Piglet's house. Pooh Bear's there, but the mole, Gopher, warns him to leave. It's Windsday, and it's bound to get dangerously windy soon enough. Oblivious to the danger, Pooh decides to wish everyone a happy Windsday, only to realize that he knows not who 'everyone' is. Sora shows up in the middle of his ponderings, and is faced with the horror of Windsday - nothing is left where it was, yet aside from the flying honey pots, there seems to also be a flying Piglet. The tiny creature manages just barely to grab only a tree branch and Sora rushes to his rescue. They meet up with Pooh, only to discover that indeed, Sora is hardly the only one Pooh forgot - he can't recall Piglet either. Things become even more complicated when Piglet is blown away by the wind again, and Sora and Pooh both have to come to his rescue. The poor thing is stuck on top of a tall branch, and Sora coaxes him to jump, promising to catch him. Reassured by Sora's words, Piglet jumps down and lands in Pooh's arms. The experience seems to have been so exciting, that Pooh remembers Piglet. But alas - Sora is still someone Pooh doesn't know, a sad fact which sends Sora off to look for more of the scattered pages.

The next page Sora finds holds Rabbit's house inside it. He arrives there along with Piglet just in time to see Pooh floating with a balloon. He crash-lands soon afterward, however, right on top of the house Eeyore worked so hard to try and build. As expected, Pooh doesn't recognize Eeyore, and Piglet raises the possibility that it's because Pooh's so hungry that he forgot things. Eeyore knows of a place filled with honey and he leads the group there, even though he's not brimming with optimism. He brings them to Rabbit's honey stash, and Pooh makes short work of it all. Rabbit seems to not mind too much, as Pooh's unstoppable hunger is known far and wide, and is far more concerned with Pooh not recognizing him either. He decides to stuff Pooh with even more honey, and sends Sora out to fetch the jars from his secret stash. It fails to help any at all, and on his quest to find even more honey, Pooh attempts to enter Rabbit's house through the window. He gets stuck and the entire gang teams up to pull him out. The shock of being flung about seems to have done the trick, and Pooh manages to remember both Rabbit as well as Eeyore. Sora continues being Somebody Pooh Doesn't Know, sadly, but seeing as he's making progress, Sora refuses to give up.

His efforts bring him eventually to Kanga and Roo's house, where he meets the two Kangaroos. Having heard of Pooh's predicament, Kanga offers him some medicine which should help his memory, but alas, along comes Tigger who mistakenly thinks the offer is for him. He snatches the bottle and declares that no medicine will help - what Pooh needs is a good bouncing session. At first it seems that didn't help either, but before long Pooh recognizes Tigger, causing the energetic creature to burst into another bouncing fit.

Later that night, Pooh sees a dream. In that dream he floats above the woods, seeing the time Sora left the woods in his first journey. Pooh wonders who the boy is as he realizes he's a friend, yet even in his dream, his Memories are beyond him.

This causes him to venture deep into a cave, where he can try and recall his precious friend in peace. Everyone is worried sick about him, however, fearing he fell prey to a Jagular. Sora leads the party into the cave, protecting them from falling rocks and violent bees. At the end of the ferocious journey they find Pooh, sitting on top of a rock, deep in thought. Pooh explains himself and his need to recall a precious friend and a promise he made to him. Kanga, ever the voice of reason, suggests a rather simple solution - that Sora is the friend Pooh's been looking for. After being bounced at by Tigger, it seems that at long last, Pooh remembers Sora and his friendship with him. Overjoyed, Sora offers Pooh his hand to hold, promising him he'd bring the bear home, and help him get some honey.

This ends up in a rather humorous situation, as Pooh gets his head stuck inside a honey jar. Sora rushes to his aid, but it seems the only way to help Pooh is for Sora to hold onto Pooh and spin him until the jar goes flying. A rather easy task despite its danger level, and before long Sora and Pooh sit down on a fallen trunk and talk. Pooh was thinking about a way in which Sora wouldn't have to go away again. Sora reassures him he'll come back to visit, but Pooh prefers Sora just wouldn't leave. That leaves the boy with little choice but to show Pooh that he's always and forever right by his side, so long as Pooh remembers him in his Heart. Pooh promises to remember Sora, as do all who live in the 100 Acre Woods. With that, Sora leaves, but Pooh won't be sad. He knows that forever and ever, Sora'll be with him, and he could see him whenever he wants to.

Reassured that the same works the other way around as well, Sora leaves the 100 Acre Woods, knowing he could always come back to meet the friends he holds so dear. And as he leaves, the book's cover which was harmed by the Heartless transforms, showing an image of Sora and Pooh, sitting side by side, watching the moon.

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