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Disney Castle

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)

Disney Castle is the castle built and ruled over by Mickey Mouse. With Donald Duck as his court magician and Goofy serving as the pacifist leader of the guards, Mickey acts as King and fairly and kindly governs over his subjects.

Mickey left the castle before in search of the Key in the Realm of Darkness, and sent Donald and Goofy to find Sora, the bearer of the Key in the Realm of Light in order to fend off the Darkness. This left behind the castle without its protectors, leaving it vulnerable to attacks. This becomes more apparent when thorns of Darkness begin spreading in the castle's basement.

Answering Queen Minnie's pleas for help, Sora, Donald and Goofy arrive at the castle. They are unable to enjoy much of a homecoming, however, as Heartless are filling every last corner of the castle, spelling danger to every last citizen. Upon meeting the three, Minnie quickly brings them up to date about the situation, but not before she manages to bring their spirits down somewhat. She has no idea where the King is, and therefore - Riku, either.

With more pressing matters to tend to, however, they split. Donald and Goofy are to warn and protect the rest of the castle's inhabitants while Sora escorts Minnie to the royal Audience Chamber. The two fight side by side until they reach the Hall of the Cornerstone, where the castle Cornerstone of Light resides. Thanks to the powers of the Cornerstone, the castle is kept safe from anyone evil or dark. Despite it, the thorns have filled the Hall, and it soon enough becomes very clear whose work they are as Maleficent appears before Sora and Minnie. She plans on taking over the castle, and plans to fill the castle with Darkness to nullify the Cornerstone's powers.

In a dire attempt to find a solution to this dire predicament, Minnie went over every book in the royal library but nothing of the sort ever took place. Goofy suggests they ask someone who knows things that aren't in books, and they decide to ask the Wizard, Merlin. When they finally find him, he teleports the whole lot of them back to the castle and has a look for himself rather than wait for them to explain it. It seems the situation is rather grave. Using his powers, he summons a silver door in the middle of the Cornerstone's Hall and explains. The door is a gateway to a special world, inside which is the one responsible for the castle's sad state of affairs. There is also another door, identical to the one Merlin summoned. Sora is to use his Keyblade to seal that door, and thus, block the enemy from using that world to threaten the castle. Merlin has one last word of warning before the three head recklessly in. The world they are about to embark to is so special, it will no doubt present them with various temptations, the nature of which Merlin refuses to explain.

It's not too long before the trio makes a victorious return to a thorn-less hall, having saved the world of the past. Queen Minnie greets and thanks them, and the celebration is fulfilled once Donald's sweetheart, Daisy, finally appears to meet him. Instead of welcoming him back, however, she accuses him of having forgotten their date once again, and demands an explanation. Before one can be given, or Donald can make his escape, Sora's Keyblade reacts. Using the Cornerstone of Light as the catalyst, he unlocks the path to the next world, and is graced with the dubious pleasure of borrowing Donald from Daisy.

With the castle safe and sound, Sora, Donald and Goofy part from their loved ones once more, and head on towards the next world in search of the King and Riku.

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