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Space Paranoids

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS II (2006)
Tron (1982)

The world best known as Space Paranoids is a rather peculiar world. Existing wholly inside Ansem's computer, it is occupied by programs who reside in it much like humans do in the town of Hollow Bastion after its reconstruction.

Sora stumbles upon Ansem's computer on his quest to find more information about Riku and Kairi's whereabouts, as well as Organization XIII. Due to the group's lacking ability in handling computers, however, they're placed under arrest by the Master Control Program and brought inside the computer. They're taken into custody by Sark, a program with the rank of Commander and command over the Heartless. In their cell they meet another program, one who shares their predicament of being held captive. His name's Tron, a security program. He realizes the three are Users, people from outside the computer system and offers to help them escape least they meet their ends at the hands of the Master Control Program, otherwise known as the MCP. Using Sora's Keyblade, they manage to escape the cell and head towards the Canyon where a shutdown energy core is. By powering it back up, Tron could use its energy to send the party back to Hollow Bastion.

With Tron's guidance and Sora's Keyblade, the task is performed quickly and Tron asks for a favor in return. He is shocked at Sora's eagerness to help even before knowing what he is to do, but as they are Users, Tron understands that illogicalness is part of the job requirements. They return to their cell from where Tron can send the three back, and he then voices his request. He asks them to find his User, the one who wrote him and modified the entire system. That is because he needs that User's password to access the DTD - the dataspace. As copies of all the original programs remain there, Tron could use it to restore the system to the way it was before the MCP took over. The information Sora is looking for is most likely stored there, too, thus giving the trio even more incentive to help Tron. The problem is that Tron's User and the one who made the system is Ansem the Wise.

Having discovered the password in the real world thanks to King Mickey and Leon's help, Sora, Donald and Goofy return to the world inside the computer. Tron is nowhere to be found, and what's worse, they are transported to the Game Grid, a large area in which they are forced to participate in several lethal games. Due to a glitch in the system they manage to escape and finally find Tron, but he is all but lifeless. They help him reach a data terminal through which he can access the dataspace, and tell him the password to the DTD. As DTD stands for "Door To Darkness", the password is the names of the seven Princesses that are the key to the true Door to Darkness - Alice, Snow White, Belle, Aurora, Jasmine, Cinderella, and Sora's own childhood friend, Kairi. With the dataspace accessible again, Tron regains all of his functionality and strength, but sadly, that means the MCP can access the unprotected DTD as well. He finds and attempts to run an emergency self-destruct program for the town, but Tron manages to change the password in time. It only delays the inevitable, however, and they must find and eliminate the program before it's too late.

The MCP is confused by Tron's actions; why would a Program ally itself with the Users? Tron is baffled as well; it's in his programming, but he can't pinpoint exactly where or what it is. Sora knows better - unlike the MCP, Tron was made with the ability to make friends, and friends help each other. By working together, Tron and Sora manage to defeat the hostile program the MCP wanted to use, and they can rest easy if only for a while - that's one thing less for the town to worry about.

With his functionality restored, Tron believes he can regain control over the system, just like his User would've wanted. Sora finally comes clean - Ansem, the User Tron believes so much in, was their enemy. Tron has a surprise in store for them - Ansem is his enemy too, as he's the one who modified the system and introduced the MCP. The Ansem Tron knew at first wouldn't have done that, as he had the system and the town's best interest in mind. This sudden change in Ansem's attitude leaves everyone baffled, but Tron knows one thing - if anyone is to figure it out, it's Users like Sora, capable of reaching their answers using illogical routes. That is why Sora, Donald and Goofy are the new password.

Things are far from over, however, as the MCP still reigns supreme despite the temporary hindrance. He is still intent on destroying the User town and not only does he send Heartless at it, he also takes control of the town's defense mechanisms, turning them against the citizens. As all communications with Tron were terminated, Sora has no choice but to venture back into the world inside the computer and talk to him in person. The situation inside is even worse than it is outside, however, and the group first has to save Tron from the game-grid before they can even try and help the town. They find Tron surrounded by Heartless, and rush to his aid.

With Tron in tow, the party regroups in the cell where they first met. Tron fills them in quickly - The MCP has decided to wage an all out war against the User town. He is more than thrilled to try out the MCP eradication program Cid wrote, and is rather touched to hear that all the residents of Hollow Bastion are concerned about him. More determined than ever to save the Users, Tron guides the group to the I/O Tower, where they can receive the program from the User world. After fighting their way through, Tron manages to receive all the data. Not only is the eradicator program there, but also boosts for Tron as well as instructions of how to reach the MCP, based on the system's own design patterns!

The party arrives at the MCP's core, where they face both it and Sark. Sark is easily defeated, but is then upgraded by the MCP. With Tron's help, the program prepared by the Users in the User town is executed and both Sark and the MCP are deleted. With his world safe for a good while to come, Tron can't help but thank Sora, Donald and Goofy, as well as all the Users out there who supported him and taught him the true meaning of friendship. He hugs each of the three goodbye and before Sora can realize his intentions, Tron jumps into the large canyon left behind when the MCP vanished. By doing so, he becomes the administrative program in the MCP's stead, and is able to ensure the safety of both worlds.

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