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First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
Aladdin (1992)

Sora, Donald and Goofy, having completed their first circuit of worlds, use their newly acquired navigation gummi to pass through a wormhole on their way to Agrabah. Preceding their arrival, the scheming vizier Jafar and Maleficent saunter through the streets, discussing their imminent discovery of the world's keyhole, the necessity of finding the princess Jasmine, and her part in the opening 'final door'. As Maleficent warns Jafar of the dangers of darkness, Jasmine is seen hiding behind a nearby stall.

Our heroes arrive just inside the city gates in time to be confronted by some quickly-defeated Heartless before they move deeper into the city, meeting Jasmine hiding in an alley, who reveals to them the state of affairs in Agrabah: Jafar has deposed the sultan and thus seized power of the city. As Jasmine begins to tell of who helped her to thus far escape Jafar's clutches, the vizier himself ambushes them with Heartless, and Jasmine flees. Unable to find the princess, Sora, Donald and Goofy explore the city further, eventually discovering Aladdin's residence and the trapped Carpet under some furniture. It flies off towards the desert, and the trio resolve to follow it.

Outside the city walls, the three are met by the magical Carpet, who flies them out further into the desert toward the Cave of Wonders. Already ahead of them under darkened skies are Aladdin and Abu, sinking in a pit of quicksand, who are about to be attacked by Heartless before Sora intervenes and gives the trapped the chance to extract themselves. More Heartless show up, but Aladdin draws out a magical lamp and uses his first wish to Genie to remove the Heartless. On their way back to the city, Genie explains the mechanics of his powers and constrained existence, while Aladdin describes his predicament in trying to approach Jasmine in spite of his lowly status, and promises Genie the third and final wish will be used to grant his freedom after they find Jasmine.

Genie says, in Agrabah's home, that he recalls hearing of a 'keyhole' in Agrabah, before the group departs for the Palace gates, where Jafar awaits the lot with Jasmine. Aladdin nearly succeeds in using his second wish to rescue Aladdin, but Jafar has Iago steal the lamp, making Jafar Genie's new master. Jasmine is dropped by Genie into a pot, after which the various pots around the palace spawn legs and become hostile, and Sora confronts the Pot Spider in a battle through the city's streets. Upon its defeat, Jasmine is nowhere to be found, but Jafar's maniacal laughter sets Aladdin on a course to the desert, and the others follow. Outside the Cave of Wonders, they are confronted by the darkness-controlled tiger's-head entrance, but are able to purge it soon enough and proceed properly into the caves.

Their progress into the lamp chamber blocked by an immovable pillar, the group descend to the lower levels of the cave to destroy the pillar's base, opening up the path to the lamp chamber. Before the group of heroes arrives, an unconscious Jasmine lies on the floor while Jafar uses his first wish to have Genie reveal the keyhole, which is just at the back of the lamp chamber. As they arrive, Jafar and Maleficent are conferring, and the latter vanishes while Jafar uses his second wish for Genie to attack Sora, Donald, Goofy and Aladdin, and a battle ensues between our heroes and Jafar and the now-hostile Genie.

Just as it seems Jafar is defeated, he rises once more to make use of his third and final wish - to turn Jafar himself into an all-powerful genie, who creates a massive hole in the ground to a magma-filled bottom-most chamber. Sora and his friends leave the passed-out Jasmine in the lamp chamber to confront Jafar, who is all but invincible. Instead, the heroes find another way to damage him while avoiding his attacks: Damage Jafar's own black lamp and its flying carrier - Iago. When Iago finally drops the lamp, Sora - now the bearer of the lamp - commands Jafar return to it, and he and Iago are sucked in.

Immediately before the quartet of heroes are ferried back upstairs, a just-awakening Jasmine is approached and captured by an unknown figure. While Aladdin calls out to her desperately, Sora seals Agrabah's keyhole, which is then covered up by a magnitude of gold. Straight after, the entire system of caves seems to be about to collapse, and the four must flee on Carpet to get to safety. Aladdin proposes to tag along with Sora to find Jasmine, but they don't allow him, so instead Genie suggests the street-rat use his last wish to find her. To his surprise, Aladdin uses his very last wish to grant Genie his freedom, and agrees to do Aladdin a favour and accompany Sora to search for Jasmine.

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