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Destiny Islands

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)

A small, peaceful world made of several islands. As expected it sports a tropical climate and has an appropriate topography and greenery. The inhabitants commute between the islands using boats, and the children spend most of their time on the beach. A certain group of youths prefer specifically a small island a bit off the shore of the mainland, one they turned into their playground since they were young. There they engage in play-fights with each other using wooden swords, race each other across the island and spend time with each other, watching the sunsets from a top of a bent-over Paopu tree, one whose fruits were said to intertwine the fates of those who shared them.

Out of that group, a trio composed of Sora, Riku and Kairi were making plans to leave their island world and search what's beyond the horizon. Their goal - other worlds, ones they knew existed as Kairi arrived from another world a good decade before. The closer they get to the date where they were to set sail, the more insecurities and doubts arise. Kairi goes as far as to make a good luck charm out of Thalassa sea-shells, but the effort is as though in vain.

The night before they were to set sail a storm hits the islands and the Heartless, being corrupted by Darkness, attack. Riku willingly lets the Darkness consume him while Kairi disappears right before Sora's eyes. Sora remains the last one on his island, all thanks to the magical weapon, the Keyblade that protected him from the Darkness. Using it he fought off the Heartless for as long as he could but eventually his very world gave way and vanished, flinging Sora into the Darkness.

When finally the Darkness is defeated, only Kairi manages to return home. Riku is still lost in the Darkness, and Sora has to go look for him. Promising the girl they'll both be back, Sora sets off once again, the good luck charm the girl made at hand.

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