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  • No problem. I think they're taking this too seriously. It's not like you're gonna stop because of it.
    Lol yeah I do, I've just been kinda busy this week and last is all
    you know, it's pretty difficult to hold some classes if you were not on at the same times lol
    You know what justifies sending people to hell?

    Because if there is a God that has a standard for what is good and what is evil, and if he cannot be around evil, and you are evil, you cannot be around God.

    God's love isn't apparent from His necessary justice upon sin; it's apparent from His solution.

    If you have any questions you want explained biblically, the Help/FAQ search database at Blue Letter Bible - Home Page is amazing and will likely give you a topic with verses over exactly what you question.

    Blue Letter Bible - Help, Tutorials, and FAQs
    Blue Letter Bible - Help, Tutorials, and FAQs
    Blue Letter Bible - Help, Tutorials, and FAQs

    I'd say who best explains questions like these are people like Dr. Ravi Zacharias who gives presentations at Harvard and other prestigious schools about Christianity.

    Look him up on YouTube

    These two video might interest you in particular, as he answered a question of a student at Harvard

    Another good one
    Here's a very, very brief quick-look at the important concepts of Christianity in a nutshell.
    haha yeah I've been here long enough to realize that there isn't a lot of people with Christian views around, mainly because no one likes the way it works.

    Yeah that's why I don't usually get into debates like that. Their interesting to read lol but there isn't really a point in trying to get into one.
    eh well can't really expect much from KHI, where a majority of the people have the same mindset and tend to prey on those with opposing views.

    if it isn't logically sound then you're an idiot pretty much
    hey, read something interesting today that I thought you might want to know. It came from an article by Camille Paglia:

    Thought that was pretty close to your views on the whole rape victim thing going on in the Abortion thread.
    Wow, I always thought I was pretty good at that stuff. I could never hack a game like that though. I hope you and your team is successful. Do you know if the UMD works?
    hmm thats strange in the FAQ it says it does. Maybe its unsupported or something, Im honestly not sure.
    Nega Rep, Bigger Av, Username Changes and a few other things. Youll hit platinum soon, that will be cool.
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